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Rocky Mount High School locked down after gun report

Posted March 30, 2010

— Rocky Mount High School was put on lock down Tuesday morning after someone reported that a student had a gun.

Authorities determined that the student had a lighter in the shape of a gun. The school was released from lock down by 10 a.m., police said.

No other information was released.


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  • ECU4lyf Mar 30, 2010

    gvmntcheese......i wouldn't condone a snitch society, but one where common sense would kick in and you would do the right thing, which was the case here

  • makeadiff Mar 30, 2010

    gvmntcheese-I fully agree with those that reported this crime and yes it was a crime. We all need to step up to the plate and quit ignoring the problems in our society.When thugs are allowed to be thugs we all loose. When we witness crimes or potential crimes and we choose to do nothing than we are condoning the behavior and are guilty of being an accessory to the crime plain and simple. This "no snitching" mentality hurts us all and perpetuates the problems we have in our society. We all need to pull up our big kid pants and stand up and DO THE RIGHT THING.

  • hjandrj Mar 30, 2010

    A student brought it to school not a staff member or teacher. The kid tried to sell it for $60 as a real gun. Read the paper. There's an article in there.

  • JJ20 Mar 30, 2010

    To the person saying that the chief of police needs to change, how do you suggest the town of Rocky Mount go about that process? It seems like whoever would replace Manley would be just as corrupt and apathetic to a town you probably don't even live in. I am wondering why this is news as well. It's very doubtful that this was the first lock down of the school year there.

  • gvmntcheese Mar 30, 2010

    Thats right xsummachicax! I have to ask tho, do you sleep better at night knowing that you condone a snitch society? Beware what you wish for, 1984, here we come!

  • life is good Mar 30, 2010

    OK...so why is this news?

  • hdsoftail Mar 30, 2010

    They need to start at the Golden East Crossing mall. They are losing money by allowing the parking lot to be a hang out for thugs

  • westoflyra Mar 30, 2010

    A gun in the hands of a Rocky Mount High School student wouldn't be surprising. And yes, they need to clean up that cess pool of a town.

  • just my2cents Mar 30, 2010

    WHy would a kid need a lighter at school? But Rocky Mount is in serious trouble as far as crime goes. They need a new chief of police for starters.

  • xsummachicax Mar 30, 2010

    Even though it was just a lighter its good that someone told.