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Rocky Mount cars being towed illegally, crushed

Posted August 24, 2011

— Rocky Mount Police said someone is towing cars illegally from private property and crushing the cars at private salvage yard to earn money for the metal. 

Police said at least eight cars have been towed and turned in for metal this year. 

Targeted vehicles are usually 10 years or older or might be parked for extended periods of time with possible vegetation or growth on the vehicle. 

Authorities said the vehicles are often crushed before victims are aware the cars have even been stolen. 

Police said a 1995 Ford F-450 Rollback Wrecker with primer on the bed and the name "Bobbitt's Wrecker" on both doors and a blue, late-1980s to early-1990s model Ford truck have been used in the thefts. The Ford F-450 truck was reported stolen.


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  • Rebelyell55 Aug 25, 2011

    Ya'll know you can't make a joke to some people. lol

  • Kimbby Aug 25, 2011

    Who steals a wrecker to steal cars?! Hello desperate!!!

  • MikeTysonsPunchOut Aug 25, 2011

    So many people doing dirtbag things in this world...so little time to bring them all to justice...

  • jwood011 Aug 25, 2011

    It's NOT ok to steal, no matter what the circumstances. That's one thing wrong with the world today - no respect for what isn't yours. Some of you have no common sense or morals, and I can hope that one day you'll be the victim of a thief so you know how it feels. There should be a law making the title exchange mandatory with scrap dealers or the problem will only get worse.

  • OneLove Aug 25, 2011

    oh COME ON!! Do you think these guys took these vehicles as a "community service"? Did they take ANYTHING ELSE laying around? NO. just what they could get money for = theft. Geesh

  • Retired07 Aug 25, 2011

    It is a rare case of thieves doing a service to the community. It would probably make me mad if someone stole my property but there again I wouldn t have a junk car setting for years trashing the neighborhood. I will looks much better minus all the abandoned junk dotting the landscape. Now if we could just establish a market for all the tire shreads and trash along the highways??

  • golorealist Aug 25, 2011

    "Police said a 1995 Ford F-450 Rollback Wrecker with primer on the bed and the name "Bobbitt's Wrecker" on both doors "

    i don't imagine it being very difficult to track down this truck.

  • Sick N Tired Aug 25, 2011

    In NC, you can take a car and sell for scrap without proof of title. My son's car was stolen off the side of the road after he broke down. Cops told him it happens all the time. Perhaps we need the scrap dealers to be more responsible.

  • tarheelgrad1998 Aug 25, 2011

    Wow, look at all the Cary snobs in here, saying it's OK to steal.

  • pebbles262004 Aug 25, 2011

    The owner of the F-450 stole the cars, he just reported the truck stolen so he could get away with the crime. He knew he was about to get caught...