Roche: 'The low-information voter was tricked again'

Posted May 8, 2014

— Often, those who lose a party primary end their campaign with a call for party unity, congratulate the winner and perhaps line themselves up to serve in some lesser public capacity such as an appointed board until the next election rolls around. 

That is not the approach Frank Roche is taking. 

The Republican who challenged 2nd District Congresswoman Renee Ellmers in this week's primary used a missive emailed to supporters and posted on his website to criticize the GOP establishment, the media and particularly Ellmers. 

On the 15 percent voter turnout in the district, he says,"Pathetic."

Of those who did vote, he writes, "The low information voter was tricked again."

And on Ellmers, Roche calls the incumbent "poorly informed."

Few are spared. On the Record On the Record: Voting issues, Ellmers' challenger

"Somehow, the establishment even got Mark Zuckerberg, the left-leaning media and conservative think tanks to do their work to deceive the 2nd District voters into re-electing the incumbent," Roche writes. He also writes, "The left-leaning media outlets nationally and around the 2nd District refused to acknowledge me as a candidate." 

While Roche praises his campaign team and says any campaign shortcomings were his responsibility, the bulk of his piece targets Republican leaders, who he says helped elect Ellmers, and the incumbent herself:

Rep. Ellmers attended only a handful of GOP meetings and events; always sure to arrive late and leave early. She would not accept invitations by various media outlets to talk issues side-by-side with me. She would not accept any invitations by our campaign to debate the issues in public. She would not allow herself to be exposed for being so poorly informed on the issues that matter to the voters in the 2nd. The few times she did appear in the same room with me, it became clear who the qualified candidate was and who the group supported.

The GOP establishment will be proven wrong again with respect to their effort to re-elect Renee Ellmers. They are now even more complicit in the ruin of our great country. Shame on them. How will they explain this to their children and grand children? “Sorry about the state for our economy and your future tax burden, but you see, Ellmers could raise more money and Boehner liked her.”


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  • Bobby Medlin May 12, 2014
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    It sounds like a sore loser and a jealous one. He would have done the same thing the incumbent Rep. would have done. Tough noogies.

  • teleman60 May 12, 2014

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    You are a perfect example of why a 'NO VOTE - NO DRIVE' civic duty enforcement law would be a great idea.

  • teleman60 May 12, 2014

    A good law would be "Your driving privilege will be suspended for 1 month if you refuse to do your civic duty and vote".

    Remember this was only a primary BUT the primary determines what choices we ALL HAVE for the November election.

    That's how the tea people got in - in the first place. Now they are driving the Congress into the ditch. 6 years of nothing but obstruction. No jobs bills, no unemployment bills, no immigration bills - just MINTING COINS FOR MOTHERS DAY and the BOY SCOUTS!!

    Google what Elmers and Holding did for the last years - nothing but EAT OUT and spend money and vote 49 times for repeal of ACA WITH NO republican plan to offer BECAUSE THE ACA IS THE GOP PLAN!!! Created by the Heritage Foundation - instituted by gop Gov Romney in 2006 and the successful law of Mass since that day.

  • 68_dodge_polara May 12, 2014

    Hate to say it but he's right. However he should have kept it to himself as he's just threw away any chance of ever being elected to political office.

  • Doug Hanthorn May 12, 2014
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    Obviously, he thinks the GOP establishment hasn't driven NC far enough into the 1800's. He's shooting for the 15th century and the Spanish Inquisition.

  • rlwieland May 11, 2014

    I will agree and being a past candidate for office myself, 15% is outright silly. For all those voters who are more concerned about their ipods and ipads you better get your head out of your &&&. Things are falling a part around us, but only 15% felt the need to go vote? Wow! AND this is only 15% of those registared to vote which really makes that number even lower. Ask your kids, teenagers who the gov. is? See what they say.

  • Christopher Rose May 10, 2014
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    I would never vote for the guy myself. But I have to agree with him regarding "low information voters" who vote for Elmers. Of course I would qualify anybody that votes for him in that regard as well. The political parties and ideologies of today are ill equipped to deal with a new era of automation, and low need for labor. The parties and ideologies of the parties are still directly linked to the old capitalism/industrial era. We are in a post capitalist/information revolution era. ALl the folks in the ivory towers and the politicos are always the last people to figure these things out. Its going to be a mess till they die off and a younger generation comes in.

  • Eq Videri May 9, 2014
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    True, although that's a mighty low bar.

  • rduwxboy May 9, 2014

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    Perhaps he should have been better at conveying his message in his advertisements. I thought he was running against John Edwards from his commercials, but darn it, I didn't see John Edwards on the ballot.

  • Brian Jenkins May 9, 2014

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    Its not the medias job to do anything. If people wait for the media to do their homework we get what we have now. Media voting is intellectually lazy. Do your own homework. Make your own decisions. The media has their own agenda. WHats wrong with this country?