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Robeson sitter shot, charged with sex offense

Posted June 24, 2009

— The Robeson County Sheriff's Office is investigating a case of a vigilante reaction to alleged child molestation.

Authorities said a woman shot Ray Demery Jr., 43, of Trenton Drive in Lumberton, after her daughter said he molested her.

Lt. Kathy Torre said Demery was being held in the Robeson County Jail under a $120,000 bond on a charge of first-degree sex offense. Demery was arrested Tuesday, she said.

A Pembroke woman told deputies she asked Demery to watch her 7-year-old daughter Saturday night. While she was out, she got a call from her child to come home, only to find Demery locked outside her house. When the girl told her mother that Demery had touched her inappropriately, the mother opened fire, hitting him twice, deputies said.

Torre said Demery initially lied to deputies about how he got the wounds, saying he did not see his shooter. He later said the mother shot him, but that he did not know why.


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  • OALA Jun 25, 2009

    With the way the courts are handling criminals and turning them loose on the public we will start seeing a lot more people taking matters into their own hands.

  • GravyPig Jun 25, 2009

    panthers245 - "and if you find that judgemental, get over it."

    I don't think anyone can call you judgemental, it's your kid, and you are their protector. I wouldn't leave a guy who looks like that alone in my house, much less let him watch my cat. I just calls it like I sees it.

  • panthers254 Jun 25, 2009

    girl was pretty crafty at locking him out of the house.

    smart girl.

    he doesnt look like anyone who would be babysitting for my kids.

    and if you find that judgemental, get over it.

  • r u crazy too Jun 25, 2009

    Doesn't the article say that, at first, he didn't know who shot him and then later he said it was the mother and he didn't know why? And it's still the word of a 7 year old verus the word of an adult (no matter how ugly he is).

  • GravyPig Jun 25, 2009

    cth1 - "As for those who say he probably didn't touch her and maybe the kid lied..... Then why did he lie to officials about how he was shot (and who did it)? If he didn't do anything wrong then he would want the woman arrested!"

    All of this is known AFTER the fact that she shot him. Hindsight is 20/20. Unless this lady was some sort of psychic, she had no way of knowing. If she had an inkling that this dude couldn't be trusted then she should never left her child in his care. Either way, what you are saying is it's ok she shot him since we now know that he wasn't on the up and up.

  • 2beachy4u Jun 25, 2009

    Well if it had been my daughter, he wouldn't be here to go to trial for it! His family would more than likely be planning a funeral. Then, he could never hurt another child like he did mine. I don't blame this woman one bit. I would have done the same thing. Anyone on here who takes up for molesters needs to go visit this mother and maybe she will hook you up too!!!!

  • panthers254 Jun 25, 2009

    if she went to trial, i am sure there are plenty of psychologists who would testify that the woman was temporarily insane (being her daughter had just been molested). not guilty, your honor.

    citizen, in my profession, those who advocate for criminals dont last very long. and inmates can smell a sucker like sharks can smell blood.

    but, i do agree with you on one thing..... he deserves his day in court, as does she. due process is part of the constitution.

  • trac75 Jun 25, 2009

    Sometimes the law does not seem to be on our side but they are there to protect the masses because humans are emotional creatures who do not always use reason and can be wrong.

    That said...I am a parent. You don't always know people as well as you think you do. Some people are very convincing deceivers. If a mother loved her child enough to be upset enough to shoot him even after the immediate threat was thwarted then I cannot see her leaving her children irresponsibly with a stranger. Of course, we do not know yet the full circumstances.
    I love my children more than anything and I would kill to protect them and I would go to jail just as the law says I should, but my child would know that I did not stand by and allow anyone to get away with harming them. My conscience would be clean and my children would be safe.

  • FromClayton Jun 25, 2009

    The top three most popular stories on GOLO are about child sex offenses. This is a warning to everyone...should anyone TRY to sexually assualt any child I love I will shoot to kill when I open fire. So think twice sickos. There are a lot of women who feel the same way I do and you never know when you'll try and harm the child of the crazy woman with the gun...

  • Spooner Jun 25, 2009

    Why didnt she keep shooting? She would get off with temporary insanity and he would have got a cheap ride to the inferno. That makes better sense than having a court appointed attorney represent him and having to pay for his living expenses.