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Robeson church youth worker accused of raping child

Posted April 4, 2013

— Robeson County sheriff's deputies arrested a local church's youth worker Thursday and charged him with raping a 12-year-old. Deputies said there could be more victims.

Jahaziel Levi Rodriguez Vazquez, who also goes by the name Armando Pacheco, got to know the child through his work at the church. Now 28 years old, he was 27 when the alleged crime happened, authorities said.

The sheriff's office declined to identify the church or say when the alleged rape occurred.

Vazquez was being held on a $50,000 secured bond. Anyone with information about the case should call the sheriff’s juvenile division at 910-671-3140.


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  • gnewsome1 Apr 4, 2013

    If he is in fact guilty of this, he does not deserve to breathe the same air as decent human beings. Anyone who rapes a child should be put to death.

  • Gnathostomata Apr 4, 2013

    Anyone who would rape a child should be removed from society permanently...as in, forever. Anyone who has this mentality needs to be separated from the rest of society. This is the most disgusting criminal of all criminals; others rob, kill, steal, but it's against adults. It is time our laws are updated to reflect the pain and suffering that will last a lifetime for the victim, and it should reflect that lifetime for the perpetrator.

  • runsracks2 Apr 4, 2013

    It continually irks me to see people charged with trafficking in less than the worst drugs, or less harmful offenses, with quarter to half M bonds, and then see predators and burglars ( some of the worst and most dangerous are the home burglars ) with bonds anyone could cover to a bail bond agency for 5-15% and able to walk... It should be worse on the people whose crimes actually injure or seriously endanger others. I'm not defending people WO beak other " lesser " , or I guess maybe, less directly harmful, laws. The law is there for a reason. I just think that society is getting worse as a result of punishing the wrong behaviors more than we do others that are much more harmful. And I would think, less harm to a lesser offender's life would reduce recidivism and rehab more. Something is wrong, someone smarter than I will have to fix it.
    In short, yeah, I agree with v23 and iak...sorry it took so long to get to there :)

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Apr 4, 2013

    "His bond was set at $50,000."

    Not high enough!!!

    Crimes against children should never result in a bond less than $1M, not only because crimes against children are heinous, but to hopefully keep the abuser in jail long enough to keep other children safe from them.

  • Brian Jenkins Apr 4, 2013

    $50,000? Dont get caught with a couple pounds of weed you'll be at $100K.

  • Billy the Kid Apr 4, 2013

    Two different names? No....

  • OnlyTheBestWillDo2 Apr 4, 2013