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Robbery victim: 'I was picturing myself in a pool of blood'

Posted August 19, 2014
Updated August 20, 2014

— With a gun to his head, Greg Brown thought he was going to die.

Brown, president and CEO of Raleigh Metal Recycling, was at his business at about 5 a.m. Friday when two men approached him.

One had a gun.

They forced him into his office. They wanted access to a room where the company safe was.

Brown told the men he didn't have a key to that door.

“You will see I get kicked,” he said Tuesday while looking at surveillance video of the encounter. “I get hit in the head at least once. All I knew was that they were not going to get their money.”

Brown thought the cameras were recording his final moments.

“I thought I was going to be dead,” he said. “I was picturing myself in a pool of blood.”

The robbers left several minutes later with Brown’s wallet and cell phone.

Brown didn’t recognize one of the men who didn’t wear a mask, but he was familiar with the uniforms they wore – his company's uniforms.

The business owner believes a current or former employee may have helped the men.

"That person could've been on the payroll when I signed paychecks on Friday,” he said. “It pissed me off that I could have been signing paychecks for someone that tried to have me killed."

Security measures have changed at the Garner Road business since the incident. No employees handle the safe or money. Those duties are now overseen by an armored car service.

Brown is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the robbery.


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  • Judy Fergerson Aug 20, 2014
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    Would be better if there was a zoom in on the mans face - perhaps someone could identify him

  • ncprr1 Aug 20, 2014

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    The criminals obviously couldn't care less what the law says, so how would "gun control laws" help? You are advocating making it illegal for the law abiding business owner to protect himself. You would like to make the criminals safer, so that they can rob and pillage at will. who's side are you on?

  • Julienne Aug 20, 2014

    Poor man.
    Blessed he's ok.
    Time to beef up the security system.
    And how odd they were wearing the uniforms of his business. Hmmm...

  • chris42m Aug 20, 2014

    Did Gun Control Laws stop Lawrence Lovette from killing Eve Carson? And while we are at it, how well have those Anti-Drug Laws worked toward stopping the importation and distribution of Heroin, Cocaine, and Pot, or the manufacture of Crystal Meth? Laws only work is people are willing to abide by them. When people don't care, all bets are off.

    I see these "Coexist" stickers all over town on cars. The only way "Coexistence" will ever work is if all parties agree to it. The first time someone says "No, I won't", all bets are off.

  • TatersGonnaTate Aug 20, 2014

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    I... I actually agree with you for once. This concept is often overlooked when others push for stronger gun control laws.

    Also, in cases like this, isn't an unarmed victim just as vulnerable if they had been attacked with a knife? In the end, violent crimes aren't made violent by guns. they are made violent by violent people with malicious intent.

  • Old Hob Aug 20, 2014

    So let me be sure I understand this, you folks that are using this story to push for tighter gun contol laws, think that if we pass laws making it illegal to own guns, the criminals and bad guys won't have access to them? Isn't robbery and assault against the law? Laws will only ever apply to the people who are willing to follow them. If guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.

  • SAY 'WHAT" ONE MORE TIME! Aug 20, 2014

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    How strong would you like it to be? When life imprisonment doesn't deter murder, what penalties do you think would make a criminal put his/her gun down? Just the criminals, now. If you've broken no law there's nothing wrong with owning one (the "right hands" as you may say).

  • 68_dodge_polara Aug 20, 2014

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    More laws for the law abiding citizens to be burdened with and the lawless ones to ignore? What we need is to demand that repeat violent felons stay behind bars where they belong.

  • 678devilish Aug 20, 2014

    Another story where a loaded gun was in the wrong hands. Still don't believe we need a stronger gun control law, people?

  • A cold, hard dose of Hans Aug 20, 2014

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    Exactly. It's bad enough that thousands upon thousands are killed very year by gun violence, but the harm caused by guns gos far beyond that. The mere possession of a firearm will emboldens those to act who would not act otherwise. Thus you will have more robberies and assaults committed due to guns, and just as worse, attempted acts of "heroism" by wannabe Rambos, that result in harm to themselves and innocent bystanders. Want the killing to stop? Want the crime to stop? Then it's time to get serious about guns.