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Robbers hit Raleigh Wachovia branch

Posted April 6, 2009

— Raleigh police are looking for three men who robbed the Wachovia bank at 3301 Edwards Mill Road Monday morning.

A surveillance image from the bank shows a black man in dark clothing and a baseball cap brandishing a gun. His two accomplices also had their faces and heads covered, witnesses said.

Police asked anyone with information about the crime or the identity of the suspects to call the Raleigh Police Department’s Detective Division at 919-996-3555.

Police located the vehicle they think the robbers used -- a gray-green 1996 Toyota 4Runner -- in the parking lot of a Harris Teeter store near the bank. The Toyota had been stolen from South Carolina.


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  • teach Apr 6, 2009

    I am so sick of tough guys, whether they've got guns or not. Look at the way they hold these guns. You think they could shoot straight if they had to? And why do they to dress that way? What is this? A uniform? Jail time? Are you kidding? They need to learn how to hold that piece. Send those boys to Afghanistan. Let them see what real tough is. Oh yeah, they'd get paid pretty well too, until, that is, they come home shot by someone else's weapon. Who knows? Give them a second chance to be good citizens, wear a REAL uniform, use a REAL weapon. But don't waste my tax dollars on prison. What good's that ever do?

  • Caveman93 Apr 6, 2009

    There are better options, people just haven't seemed to look into them for some reason.

    Yeah, be a victim.

  • Weaker Pelosi Apr 6, 2009

    Would only use my weapon if I or friend/family member was in danger, not over the banks money, they can have the money for all I care.

  • ThisGuy Apr 6, 2009

    Just realized that they way I wrote that could be taken wrong, I was saying that the bullet proof vest and helmet could be found by the robber to wear when taking the bank, not advocating for people to buy one and wear it around all the time :).

  • bradh2 Apr 6, 2009

    Granted you would still have the problem of false alarms and plastic guns

    What imaginary "plastic gun" is this? There is no such thing. Some guns have Kydex components but barrels, slides and other mechanical parts are still made of metal.

  • JAT Apr 6, 2009

    Although I did "enjoy" seeing the bank manager in The Dark Knight blow a few thugs away. Granted, the Joker eventually killed it but at least a few didn't get away with it.

  • JAT Apr 6, 2009

    It wouldn't matter if you had no guns in the world. People can still rob banks with no weapons and how many people are going to be willing to take an angry robber on in a one-on-one fight? You're going to give him the money regardless.

  • ThisGuy Apr 6, 2009

    "Then the perp wouldn't know whould he?" -Caveman

    Exactly, he wouldn't, but he would know that it was legal, so why would he wait to find out who may or may not be carrying when he could just kill or disable everyone right off the bat and then have full reign of the place. Not to mention that most people are taught to aim for the chest and stomach since it is the largest surface area, and bullet proof vests and helmets are not that hard to come by anymore.

    There are better options, people just haven't seemed to look into them for some reason.

  • Caveman93 Apr 6, 2009

    So you want everyone to be able to carry a gun into a bank? Then a robber would just come in guns blazing instead, that sounds way more safe.

    How would he know you have a gun when it's CONCEALED? Change the laws in this state to allow Conceal Carry vs open carry. Then the perp wouldn't know whould he?

  • ncguy Apr 6, 2009

    4 perps that were on Parole would be my guess. Soon you will see all banks going to what Coastal federal did- you talk to a screen and the teller is in another secure room.