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Roanoke Rapids man arrested in pot bust

Posted January 11, 2011

— Roanoke Rapids police arrested a man Sunday and charged him in connection with a marijuana-growing operation in his house.

Police say Kristopher Wayne Patterson, 27, had 11 plants, each valued at $10,000, growing inside his home at 806 Carolina St.

Patterson faces one count each of possession with the intent to sell and deliver marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, possession of marijuana and maintaining a dwelling and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was in jail Monday under a $10,000 bond.


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  • bk3s Jan 14, 2011

    The wasting money argument is intriguing. Consider that pot is a weed and easily cultivated, it can be grown for personal use for a nominal cost. The prohibitive cost stems from the (il)legality of the product and the resulting black market.

    Belief is the whole foundation of religion.
    I believe there is no difference between someone responsibly using alcohol and someone who is a responsible user of marijuana. Both can easily be abused and both can be considered Gateway drugs. However, pot doesn’t give you a hangover the next morning. :-)

    Take care Mark, hope to hear from you again soon.

  • bk3s Jan 14, 2011

    Hey Mark, good dialogue. Actually the Tylenol comparison quite apt. Just because Tylenol is over the counter many people think it is “safe”, quite the contrary, Acetaminophen has caused thousands of documented cases of hepatic (liver) injury. Just today the US FDA issued guidance to reduce the dose of Acetaminophen in prescription pain meds such as Hydrocodone, Lortab, etc. But the public is comfortable with Tylenol and assumes it is safe.
    Equally there is a deep seeded indoctrination in this country of the irreparable harm that Reefer Madness will cause. Please refer to the propaganda film “Reefer Madness” 1936 as an example of the harm marijuana can cause. Unfortunately many people received their education on pot through just such films or other equally biased sources.
    If you take the very Mormon position of avoiding anything that alters consciousness in any way, that is a personal decision that I will respect.

  • jmdean4104 Jan 13, 2011

    Yea, it really is sad. Inflate the price so it looks much bigger than it actually is and you can also collect more tax dollars. Like other posters said, how big were they? "they aren't worth the pot they're growing in if they're small". Since when are people charged with a crime based on what could have been? Then why isn't someone that's caught speeding be charged with whatever their cars speedometer pegs out at,, b/c they have the potential to do so, right? They could have gone that fast. If they think ANYONE is going to beleive these plants were worth $10k each they're higher than the guy they just busted. Think about it, the guy would be living a life of luxury if he was making this much per plant, more likely it was for personal use and just sad b/c he was probably a hard working guy that likes to kick back and relax with something other than a pill prescribed by an Urgent Care Dr. Notice how many of these things are popping up everywhere, and normally besides a Pharmacy, hmmm.

  • Mark G Jan 12, 2011

    Hello "bk3s". To compare the use of pot to Tylenol may be pushing it. I understand the point you and other legalization advocates use, but, when it comes to the use of marijuana by young people it always goes back to managing risks. Why use ANYTHING you don't have to? Why expose yourself to any potentially damaging drugs or vice (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) when it is not necessary to live? Why waste the money if it does nothing to help you be a contributing member of society?

    While there may be a few "contributing members of society" who regularly use pot or other drugs, I feel very confident in believing many more abuse the substance, become addicted (if not to the product, then the habit) and use it as a gateway to much more serious use of damaging substances that put all of us at risk.

  • bk3s Jan 12, 2011

    Just because it’s a Law doesn’t make it Right.
    The fact that it is a Law makes it illegal for this man to grow marijuana. There is a huge difference between illegal and right.

    I actually hope that young people do read these posts, then they can come to their own decision about the benefits vs. risks of marijuana use. Yes, I freely admit that there are risks associated with marijuana use.
    I need to emphasize that there is a difference between use and abuse. Any substance if abused has potential health risks: marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, Tylenol, etc. Heck, even drinking too much water can kill you.

    There are also many people who use marijuana on routine basis and are still productive members of society. Many people are sober and don’t contribute to society in any way.
    There are also many people who never use drugs and ruin their lives in any variety of ways.

  • Mark G Jan 12, 2011

    It is very disturbing to me the number of folks posting here supporting this man's "right" to break the law. Not to mention the statements made without considering the fact that young people read these posts and may take it to mean there is nothing wrong with smoking or growing pot.

    The FACT is that it is a mind-altering substance that has many potentially dangerous health risks associated with it.

    This justification for using it "because it doesn't harm anybody else" is ludicrous. There are many people who regret having used marijuana and others who have had to deal with family members, including teenagers, who have ruined their lives by using this and other mind-altering drugs.

    The other frequent argument, "But alcohol is worse, but it's legal" falls under the category of two wrongs don't make a right, in my opinion.

  • tobywilliamson58 Jan 12, 2011

    Proud to live in RR!! Hey dude, come over and shoot some pool!!

  • pizzlepizzle123 Jan 12, 2011

    This incident was not uncovered because of any suspicion of drug activity. A domestic disturbance was called and the police without a warrant searched the house and stumbled upon this. Nothing about this points to the sale or distribution of ANY marijuana. 11 plants are not merely enough to be labeled as a cash crop operation lets be realistic. I believe it should def. be legalized but it isnt. I also believe that personal 'gardens' should be alot lesser charge then having a house full. I believe if allowed to vote that this state would def. vote this in.

  • hemp4victory Jan 12, 2011

    What a tremendous waste of resources !!!

    $10,000 per plant for 10 plants, what a joke !!!

    If a clandestine farmer can produce $100,000.00 in a closet, just imagine the potential to produce on a couple acres of farmland ???

    This Marijuana Madness is just absolute nonsense.

    The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on humanity !!!

  • wral mods blow close my account Jan 12, 2011

    If you live in RR call the mayor and have him tell the PD to focus on real crime (murder, rapes, breakins)

    Call the Halifax sheriff too.

    It's your vote.