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Roanoke Rapids City Attorney Charged With DWI

Posted January 25, 2008

— The new city attorney for Roanoke Rapids has been charged with drunken driving, authorities said.

Highway Patrol troopers charged Gilbert Chichester with driving while impaired on Jan. 17 after they observed him driving erratically on N.C. Highway 4 outside Rocky Mount, authorities said.

Troopers said Chichester's blood-alcohol content was measured at the scene at 0.14 and 0.15, almost twice North Carolina's legal limit of 0.08.

The incident marked the second time Chichester was charged with DWI in Nash County. A 2002 case ended in a conviction on a misdemeanor charge of careless and reckless driving, authorities said.

Chichester replaced Glynn Rollins on Jan. 8 as Roanoke Rapids city attorney. There was no word Friday on whether he faces any disciplinary action from the city.

He is scheduled to appear in court on March 7.


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  • The Rock Jan 28, 2008

    The Rock says Roanoke Rapids is hellacious.

  • dhamma Jan 25, 2008

    Your fired!

  • ma2345 Jan 25, 2008

    Dang poor ole Roanoke Rapids. They didnt need this...

  • MadBiker Jan 25, 2008

    Randy Parton should challenge Gilbert Chichester to a drinking contest.

  • LoneWolf72 Jan 25, 2008

    Rolling Along, to put it bluntly, your data is wrong...where are you getting these numbers? The number is actually roughly 30%...and the percentage for speeders with BAC = 0, is higher.

  • rogerkneebend Jan 25, 2008

    It's Bush's fault, of course.

  • Near.the.RIVER Jan 25, 2008

    Remember over 25 years ago, his OFFICE was in Littleton. Then he moved to the BIG TOWN, Roanoke Rapids.

    If you are over the 45 years age, ask your friends "DO YOU REMEMBER when everyone went to meet him, at his office" BECAUSE he was the number ONE..."you got a DWI????, Gilbert Chichester will take care of your!!!!"


    don't forget~~ pay his BILL, and great ready to WALK HOME...

  • dwsprag Jan 25, 2008

    Gilbert is really a good attorney and has represented his clientele well. I hope he can learn from this and that he could have caused someone to have gotten injured or killed by his actions. There is a lot of people that drink and then drive. I believe that our justice system has failed in the light that there are a lot of people that have had DWI convictions and still get driving privileges and still drive while intoxicated.

  • LoneWolf72 Jan 25, 2008

    whatelseisnew is actually right...according to the NC Highway Patrol's own data and their own admission, speed is the number killer on NC roads. Also, stats show that the over whelming number of people driving with a BAC of .08 or higher at any given time NEVER get in an accident to begin with ...doesn't seem this way because you always see the DWI charge in the headlines...it makes for god news but the data is what it is. Also, as of December 2006, DWI charges reduced to wreckless driving are a thing of the past. If you blow over .08, you are likely going to be convicted now.

  • Centurian Jan 25, 2008

    This time, his old buddy Howard Boney (DA in Nash County) can't do him a favor and reduce it. Halifax is in another prosecutorial district.