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Roanoke Rapids bank robbed

Posted January 28, 2011

— Police were searching Friday for a man who robbed a Roanoke Rapids bank on Thursday.

A man entered the Southern Bank branch at 1580 E. 10th St. shortly after 9 a.m. and gave a teller a note demanding money, police said. He didn't display a weapon and left the bank with an undisclosed amount of money.

The robber was described as a black man with a beard and thin build. He was wearing a tan trenchcoat, black stocking cap, black gloves and dark sunglasses.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call the Roanoke Rapids Police Department at 252-533-2819.


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  • rikerga Jan 28, 2011

    I'm sure he didn't get much. They tax the people there so much, and pay them so little, with them having to pay for that monstrosity of a theatre sitting in a cow pasture he might have gotten enough for a pop.

  • Just another bad guy Jan 28, 2011

    biff, bang etc.

  • Just another bad guy Jan 28, 2011

    ncrebel, if we use the batman idea, can it say pow?

  • ncrebel Jan 28, 2011

    or better yet, like in Batman and Robin.......A net drops down over them from the ceiling or the floor falls out from under them.

  • ncrebel Jan 28, 2011

    I'm loving these comments.

    I just had a thought. What if the counter manufacturer could include some kind of device at the teller window so all you had to do is hit a button and it shocks or zaps the guy like a stun gun or cattle prod?

  • Just another bad guy Jan 28, 2011

    Guitarman, I honestly don't think Rush had anything to do with it. It looks more like a Glen Beck job.

  • Just another bad guy Jan 28, 2011

    "I would love just one time some punk try this and instead of a bag of money being on the counter, the teller lay down a double barrel shotgun and pull the trigger." ncrebel.
    In this case, I hope it wouldn't have much more than bird shot...just to protect the guy standing behind him.

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Jan 28, 2011

    He was in Roanoke Rapids and he wasn't armed? That is a brave guy.

  • fatchanceimwrong Jan 28, 2011

    They must have started bussing kids from SE Raleigh to Roanoke Rapids years ago and we just didn't hear about it.

  • Skywatch_NC Jan 28, 2011

    Hopefully there's some dye packs with the money that'll "explode" on him!