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Ric Flair's daughter pleads guilty to brawl-related charge

Posted January 7, 2009

— The daughter of former professional wrestler Ric Flair has pleaded guilty to resisting an officer in connection with a fight last fall involving her father and her boyfriend, authorities said.

Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, 22, was sentenced to 45 days in jail, which was suspended to supervised probation and a $200 fine. A charge of assaulting an officer was dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Neighbors called police on Sept. 5 about a fight at an apartment at 207 Conner Drive in Chapel Hill. The fight was over, but officers followed a trail of blood to Fliehr's apartment.

She told police the men had fought but it was over and things were fine. Officers found Flair, 59, whose real name is Richard Fliehr, on a bed in the back room. The boyfriend was in another part of the apartment.

Flair admitted fighting with the boyfriend, whose name wasn't released, but he didn't want to press charges.

Known for his platinum blond hair, fur-lined robes, "Nature Boy" nickname and signature "Wooooo!" catchphrase, Flair retired last year after a 36-year career, which included wrestling for World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

He can still be seen on the scoreboard for the Carolina Hurricanes shooting "Wooooo!" after a Carolina goal is scored.


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  • Alexia.1 Jan 7, 2009

    anitov, I am sure she did. And, the fact that she kicked an officer put her in a very bad situation, so I'm sure she was happy to negotiate a lesser charge.

    That said, I think it is a bit unreasonable. Her dad and boyfriend just had a fight, so I am sure emotions are high. Was it necessary to arrest her? She might have "resisted" an officer (whatever she did), but what did she really do wrong?

  • thepeopleschamp Jan 7, 2009

    paul, she plead guilty and I'm sure had the advise of a lawyer. Don't make this a case of the evil police invading homes and taking people's freedom for no reason.

    P.S. I met the Nature Boy recently and he was as polite and personable as he could be.

  • original intent Jan 7, 2009

    Light the cigar!!!...where were the rest of the 4 Horsemen?? Tully---Arn & Ole...and JJ...

  • Alexia.1 Jan 7, 2009

    So, the story is Ric and his daughter's girlfriend got into a fight, but they settled their differences and had no hard feelings. Daughter was accused of "resisting" an officer (whatever that means) and (from a different report) kicking an officer as she was being dragged to the police car. Now, she was in her apartment, she didn't do anything wrong beforehand, police came into her apartment, and ... then blame her for something? Perhaps it was "get out of here"? Do people not have a right to privacy in their homes?

  • original intent Jan 7, 2009

    champagne sippin....cavier eating...all the ladies wanna ride space mountain!!

  • Bigfishhooker Jan 7, 2009

    The boyfriend better be glad the Nature Boy didn't throw the Figure 4 on him.

  • WLDPIG Jan 7, 2009

    whooooooooo!!!! he's cadilac ridin, profilin son of a gun

  • Gilgamesh 2 Jan 7, 2009


  • jlh4jdj Jan 7, 2009

    Styling and Profiling! I just wonder was he the man of the hour that night?

  • TStills Jan 7, 2009

    The man is custom-made from head to toe.....