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Rex Ranked Among Top U.S. Hospitals

Posted March 18, 2008

— A health care information technology company has named Rex Healthcare to its annual list of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals.

Rex is the only North Carolina hospital on Thomson Healthcare's list, which recognizes hospitals that have achieved excellence in clinical outcomes, patient safety, financial performance and efficiency. This list was published Monday in Modern Healthcare magazine.

More than 3,000 hospitals with at least 25 beds were rated against each other in eight categories – risk-adjusted mortality, risk-adjusted complications, patient safety composite, average core measures scores, severity-adjusted average length of stay, expense per adjusted discharge, profit from operations and cash-to-debt ratio – to compile the list.

In making the list, Rex ranked in the top 10 percent among hospitals of equal size in the various categories.

“Selection to this prestigious list confirms what we already knew: We work with great people who provide excellent care to Triangle residents," Rex President David Strong said in a statement.


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  • hpr641 Mar 18, 2008

    Steve, you had an excellent point about a lot of Wake's patients. Many people don't realize that we already have universal health care in this country. You walk into any hospital in this country, and the staff is legally bound to treat you until you're stable, regardless of ability to pay or legal residency status.

    Kind of weird when you think about it: illegal aliens demand "their" rights that come with being in the US, but don't tend to demand that they be expected to meet the responsibilities of a US citizen. The first and last few words of the Preamble of the US Constitution: "We the people of the United States ... establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

  • Steve Crisp Mar 18, 2008

    The problem, lawpirate, is that anecdotal evidence is not a legitimate means of rating a facility either. I can counter your good experience with a bad one of my own when I broke two fingers. The ER doctor pulled the pinky away from the ring finger to reduce the dislocation. Unfortunately, they forgot to numb the shattered pinky before then grabbed it and pulled.

    I was not a happy camper.

    And hence the problem. We can trade stories all day long and it doesn't even come close to accurately measuring the level and quality of care overall.

  • lawpirate is still around Mar 18, 2008

    Good for Rex! The experiences that I have had there as a patient have been very good. Congratulations!

  • Steve Crisp Mar 18, 2008

    It is absurd to think that Rex is a better hospital than Wake Med. Of course, one of the primary criterion as listed above is patient outcome. In other words, how many patients died in the facility. Now, when Rex starts taking on level one traumas, a stunning percentage of patients who are poor without means to pay for preventative medicine, and tons of illegal aliens, then they can start comparing.

    By the way, there is no legitimate means of "adjusting" patient parameters for severity. Each patient is different and statistical analysis really breaks down badly. That's primarily why the VA and medicaid-run programs are so pathetic; they are trying to norm the patient response to medical treatment. That pretty much means that half your patients are undertreated.

  • mramorak Mar 18, 2008

    No way,this couldn't be true!