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Return of Bragg soldiers heralds healthy shopping season in Fayetteville

Posted November 26, 2014

The steady stream of soldiers returning to Fort Bragg in the last few weeks is a great sign for businesses in Fayetteville.

Ariana Busbee, who operates a kiosk at Cross Creek Mall, said she and other merchants know just how important it is to have the soldiers home for the holidays.

“Ever since they’ve been coming back home and we’ve been having a lot more traffic coming through, we’re building more business,” Busbee said. “We’re hitting our monthly rates and our quotas.”

Shay Washington, also a merchant at the mall, said the military is a big part of business there.

"It's very good to have them support our businesses, and we appreciate them," she said.

Spec. Peter Moore just returned from extensive training in Louisiana said he plans to spend more on holiday gifts this year.

“I’m still trying to figure out what to get everyone,” he said while shopping in the mall Wednesday. “I’ve never been a very good shopper, but I’ll probably go around some antique stores to get some stuff for my mom and maybe buy some new auto parts for my dad since he’s a mechanic.”

Moore was shopping with Spec. Devon Ziske, also stationed at Bragg.

"I got a promotion recently, so I got up in rank a little bit and married," he said. "So, I'm going to spend a little bit more than when I was single, you know."

Sgt. Marcika Mitchell was also at the mall Wednesday, treating herself to some early holiday shopping.

"I'm definitely going to partake in buying some makeup for my mom," she said."But more gifts for my mom and brother."

Dan Dederick, general manager at Hendrick Chrysler Jeep in Fayetteville, said the military makes up a huge portion of his business.

"As they get back and re-establish themselves, a lot of them are out in the community buying cars and stereos and clothing and all the things that help the retail community in Fayetteville."


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