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Retired trooper accused of shooting father, son in trespassing dispute

Posted December 27, 2012
Updated January 10, 2013

— A retired North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper is being investigated in Bladen County for shooting a father and son during a trespassing dispute.

Thomas David Daughety Sr., 64, of Parkton, and Thomas David Daughety Jr., 42, of Fayetteville, were shot Monday morning on U.S. Highway 701, near Beards Chapel Loop Road, in Elizabethown.

Bladen County Sheriff's Office Capt. Rodney Hester said Herbert Paul Weissinger, 55, the son-in-law of a private land owner, confronted the pair about trespassing and that there was a "physical altercation" before the gunfire.

Investigators are still waiting to interview the younger Daughety, who is recovering from his injuries at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville.

A witness who was with the Daughetys, however, said the pair was running dogs to track bears on state game land that bordered the private property and that they never wandered onto it.

The witness said Weissinger approached them in an SUV, got out shouting obscenities and pulled a handgun on the Daughetys in a heated exchange.

Neither of the Daughetys were armed, the witness said, adding that their guns were in their truck.

The elder Daughety also said nobody in his group had their guns out.

"We were never, ever trespassing on someone else's land," he said. "We were always on state forestry land."

Thomas Daughety Jr. was shot in the stomach and the arm, authorities said. His father was shot in the hand while trying to wrestle away the gun during the confrontation.

Weissinger, who hasn't been charged in the case, could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Bladen County District Attorney Jon David is conducting a "thorough investigation," a spokesman said, and is working closely with the sheriff's office and the State Bureau of Investigation to review the case.


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  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Jan 3, 2013

    He used his retired authority in the wrong way. Now he should face the music like the average citizen. He should absolutely be charged on all accounts and face his dire consequences. HE IS CERTAINLY NOT ABOVE ANY LAW IN THE UNITED STATES.

  • HeelHater Jan 3, 2013

    Until anybody actually goes on a bear hunt with dogs I wouldn't make comments about dog hunting. The guns stay in the truck until the dogs get the bear stopped, (bayed or treed). Then a bear hunter goes to the bear usually very deep in the thickest part of the woods, sometimes crawling down the actual paths made by bear and other game. This journey usually is never close to the trucks. There is over 33k acres of game land in Bladen County, that's plenty of room to hunt with dogs or still hunt. Both types of hunting done by tax payers that both have the right to enjoy the game lands. If you buy a couple acres adjoining this game land expect an occasional hunt dog on your property. There are plenty of laws on hunting and trespassing and if you think any of these laws are being ignored than call the game warden or sheriffs dept. Don't take the law into your own hands and approach somebody on a public road with a concealed weapon and the intent of confrontation.

  • randomletters27 Jan 3, 2013

    Self-defense seems unlikely when you arrived with a gun. No offense to the victims, I happen to know them and they're good folks, but they're also BIG folks...if you needed to defend yourself you could run away from them at a slow jog. Shooting them wouldn't be necessary...

    Also, once you've got a drawn gun you intend to kill someone. I would think the guys WITHOUT drawn guns needed to act in self defense, not the other way around...

    But I wasn't there, so I'll let the authorities sort it out. Which probably would have been a better option than shooting two people from the start...

  • HeelHater Jan 2, 2013

    Sounds like the landowner left his property and confronted the victims on a public road instead of letting the sheriff do it and then shot them after the conversation that he initiated didn't go his way. Fact: it happened on a public road, not on private property.

  • Paladin2 Jan 2, 2013

    It sounds like the so-called victims were assaulting the landowner and attempting to wrestle a gun from him. Sounds like self-defense to me.

  • elyhim2 Dec 31, 2012

    So if no charges are filed I'll use this as precedent when I confront the homeless people living behind my property? I can shoot them? All I have to do is maintain they have been a problem for years (check), have been told to vacate land that does not belong to me (check). Cite them as breaking some obscure law (check! illegal camping etc..)

  • elyhim2 Dec 31, 2012

    Regardless of whether they live in the county or not or you told them to move along. These people were shot on a public road. If they were breaking a law they should have been confronted by the police not someone who is obviously not thinking clearly.

  • elyhim2 Dec 31, 2012

    Why isn't this guy being charged? Trespassing, physical altercation, all that aside he shot someone plain and simple. Charge him and send it to the judge.

  • technetium9 Dec 31, 2012

    you cannot use deadly force to protect property from trespassers. cowboy ex trooper needs to be put down, he created the confrontation.

  • technetium9 Dec 31, 2012

    Are you sure these are the people we want guarding our schools? bang bang freeze don't move.