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Memories of JFK's death linger for former FBI agent

Posted November 22, 2013

Retired FBI agent Ivan Lee, now 87, vividly remembers the day America lost President John F. Kennedy, exactly 50 years ago. 

In November of 1963, Lee was assigned to the FBI's Dallas field office. He remains certain that he and his fellow law enforcement officers got it right and that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

"We had a job to do, which is to catch the guy," Lee said, dismissing the conspiracy theories that swirl to this day. 

Immediately after the crime, Lee and his fellow agents felt the pressure to solve the case of President Kennedy's assassination. The team interviewed countless witnesses at Dealey Plaza and and scoured the Dallas Schoolbook Depository.

"I worked all that night," Lee said. "We didn't get to go to bed. For nine days I didn't eat a meal sitting down."

Quickly, Dallas police and the FBI tracked Oswald to a movie theater. 

"They went into the row where Oswald was sitting and then Oswald got up and started pulling his weapon out," Lee said. 

According to Lee, Oswald never got a chance to fire his weapon. He was immediately taken into custody. 

A few hours later, in the basement of a Dallas police station, Oswald was shot to death by Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner.

Lee said he does not feel cheated by Ruby killing Oswald.

After 50 years, Lee remembers precise names, times and details about the investigation that the whole world watched after the death of a president.


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