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Residents speak out against proposed north Raleigh strip mall

Posted October 7, 2014

A developer plans to convert a plot of land at Falsl of Neuse and Dunn roads into a shopping center.

— More than 100 residents attended a Raleigh Planning Commission meeting Tuesday morning to express concern over how the city plans to rezone a site along Falls of Neuse Road in north Raleigh for a strip mall.

Charlotte-based developer Morgan Property Group submitted a proposal to the city in 2013 to rezone the 12-acre site at the intersection of Falls of Neuse and Dunn roads to allow construction of a 50,000-square-foot Publix supermarket, several smaller stores and a bank.

About 3,400 residents of the nearby Bedford, Falls River, River Oaks, Wood Spring, Whittington and Oakcroft subdivisions have signed a petition against the rezoning, saying it's too much retail in a residential area. They have also expressed about traffic and the potential impact on the watershed area.

Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane suggested Monday that developers and neighbors go to mediation to help resolve outstanding issues surrounding the proposed project.

At the 9 a.m. meeting, the Planning Commission heard from staff, who said the project would result in some intersections receiving a failing grade unless turn lanes are added.

The City Council has final say over the rezoning. A hearing date has not yet been set.

Meanwhile, Publix plans to open its first area store Oct. 29 in Cary, at the intersection of Davis Drive and High House Road.


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  • trojandnc2 Oct 7, 2014

    Remember that once upon a time when Falls of Nesue Rd was STILL Falls of THE Neuse Rd your homes were not there either. Its funny how people can build their nice subdivisions on what was once great forest area up on Falls Lake but then complain when someone else wants to build there too.

  • joyg Oct 7, 2014

    I live in Woodspring and am against rezoning this lot - we have a city plan - why rezone to fit a large store into a very small plot of land. I was not able to attend the meeting because I was working but thankfully many people attended to voice the overwhelming opinion of my neighborhood and those neighborhoods around mine. I'm not sure why there are people on this forum who have an issue with a group of neighborhoods wanting to retain their property values and a safe environment for our children to play (less traffic, less noise, less delivery trucks). Don't we all want that? Why is rezoning looked at as inevitable?

  • Joseph Smith Oct 7, 2014
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    Turn it into a park. Good idea.

  • kiki2 Oct 7, 2014

    I love Publix, but this is a horrible spot to put one. I have to travel that road everyday to get my son to/from school and it has only become bareable after they widened the road, and there is still heavy traffic despite that. Adding a Publix there will revert the road right back to where it was prior to the road widening, if not worse. Falls and Capital Blvd are main roads going into and out of Wake Forest, it cannot handle anymore traffic. It's just the wrong location.

  • 12345_here Oct 7, 2014

    Just bring in the Publix so we can get rid of the food lions.

  • JPack Oct 7, 2014

    I already have two foodlions and a Harris teeter very close to me. Don't need another grocery store or the waste of property and traffic it will create.

  • luxurytravel Oct 7, 2014

    I LOVE PUBLIX, and would drive the extra distance from Durant Trails to shop there. Harris Teeter's pricing has become ridiculous, and the new store layout stinks.
    BRING IT ON! You Bedford folks do seem to matter that Harris Teeter brings all of YOUR traffic to MY neighborhood.

    It's a grocery store - not a super Walmart!

  • Hippy_mom Oct 7, 2014

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    Thank you! That's exactly what I was trying to say, but you said it so much better.

  • MyNameIsMud Oct 7, 2014

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    Dunn Road runs through the housing area and two neighborhood traffic circles, and eventually leads to Durant Road. You can guarantee that it will become a high-traffic cut through from Durant and right past houses. It's already a 25 mph zone with children playing and there is no need to add the increased traffic flow, and also you can't block the back end of Dunn Rd to stop people cutting through.

  • MyNameIsMud Oct 7, 2014

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    There's an empty Harris Teeter space just a couple of miles up the road after HT moved across the street to the medical park. It's plenty big for a Publix and has plenty of parking. All Publix needs to is lease the space or buy it. The land at Dunn Rd. is not a good location for a big box store with traffic.