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Residents question road's safety after Raleigh teen hit by car

Posted September 15, 2014

— Residents living near the site where a 15-year-old boy was hit by a car Sunday afternoon say something needs to be done to make the Raleigh road safer for pedestrians.

Juwan Christopher Harrington and two other people were walking across the 1400 block of North Raleigh Boulevard around 2:30 p.m. when Harrington, the last one to cross, was hit.

He was listed in critical condition Sunday night at WakeMed.

Jequan Irving said his son has a broken leg and hemorrhaging in his brain but is confident that he will be OK.

Neighbors said Monday that Harrington's accident is the worst they've seen but that there have been plenty of close calls involving people crossing the street to go to school or to a nearby store.

They say there's nowhere safe to cross for nearly a mile and that they would like to see a stop sign or crosswalk in the area.

"If you're not exactly on point, of if you don't run across the street, you will get hit," said neighbor Prianna Weathers. "There's nothing from Raleigh Boulevard and Glascock (Street) to Crabtree (Boulevard) to protect any of us that live over here."

Mike Kennon, the city of Raleigh's transportation and operation manager, says the city needs to hear complaints from residents before it considers making changes.

Residents can write letters, call or submit a report online for the city to evaluate an area to determine if further safety measures are needed.

"We're going to look at traffic counts. We're going to look at safety history – those types of things to determine what's appropriate," Kennon said.

As for Harrington's accident, Raleigh police say they are still investigating and haven't decided if charges will be filed against Marcus Alfonso Kearse, 22, the driver who hit Harrington.


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  • Jerry Sawyer Sep 15, 2014
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    When did we get to the point where we can't cross the street safely unless there is a crosswalk. Just wait until the road is clear and then walk across it.

  • LetsBeFair Sep 15, 2014

    An inanimate object like a road is perfectly safe ... people crossing where there isn't a crosswalk is UNSAFE .

  • USMC Vet Sep 15, 2014

    Even in our small town, we see people obliviously walking out of businesses and homes, right into streets in the middle of the block, without even looking for traffic. It's astounding!!!

  • btneast Sep 15, 2014

    No there is notYes there is. Go to satellite view on google maps and you can easily see it. .

  • John Rees Sep 15, 2014
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    Many remarks are what I have come to expect when a pedestrian is hit. Apparently, motorists have zero , repeat zero responsibility at all anywhere they drive their vehicles. Everyone else is apparently supposed to get out of drivers way. Run! Run for your life! Even in a parking lot. When did this happen? And why? Drivers: You have the higher responsibility. Your car can kill at 10MPH. But all I see are complaints about people crossing streets unexpectedly . The public roads are not a closed race course. You are supposed to be prepared to stop anytime you are driving on a city street. It is a shame many of you don't care enough to be prepared in that fashion.

  • Kristi Bobbitt Coley Sep 15, 2014
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    i just moved to that area, and there are so many people on foot to and fro the shopping center. I have to drive extra careful because that stretch of road is all hills and curves, which makes it harder to see someone crossing and I'm assuming hard for pedestrians to see traffic. What makes it worse is the condition of Raleigh Blvd...it's so raggedy , I'm fearing my car will need a wheel alignment SHORTLY!

  • Anita Woody Sep 15, 2014

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    No there is not.

  • mike275132 Sep 15, 2014

    Mike Kennon, the city of Raleigh's transportation and operation manager, says the city needs to hear complaints from residents before it considers making changes.

    I guess there is a minimum body count required.

    The "Good Roads State"....

  • USMC Vet Sep 15, 2014

    There are no crosswalks there? Seriously. There should be one at every corner of Raleigh Boulevard.
    Prayers for the boy.

  • farm Sep 15, 2014

    I hate he is injured. But is this area a crosswalk desert?