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Residents of Smithfield boiling water

Posted June 30, 2010
Updated July 1, 2010

— An order to boil water before consumption was made mandatory Wednesday in Smithfield after tests of water samples detected the presence of fecal coliform bacteria (E. coli), officials said.

Residents should boil all water used for human consumption, such as drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, making ice and washing hands. Boiling water for at least one minute should kill the bacteria.

Because of the order, many restaurants in the town were closed Wednesday evening. The order remains in effect until further notice.

The Smithfield's Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q restaurant at 924 N. Brightleaf Blvd. was closed to diners Thursday, but employees were offering free bottles of water while supplies last. The offer is limited to two bottles per person.

The town expects to have an update on the water quality no later than 5 p.m. Thursday.


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  • LuvLivingInCary Jul 1, 2010

    tksmith...maybe that's what makes that coca cola that so good...good ole' city water...lol

  • tksmth Jul 1, 2010

    ATTENTION all for you people that think city water is better than well water, lets see city water comes from "WASTE TREATMENT" facilities that treat human waste water for drinking water ( hmm gotta wounder there) well water is naturally filtered and i know this because i worked for a city before treating water and my teeth are not rotten from well water you ignorant but

  • Desiderata Jul 1, 2010

    Will the people who think this is stupid,,,go ahead ,,drink your water unboiled...then get back to us and let us know how your gut feels! How stupid are you people....VERY!

  • Justin T. Jul 1, 2010

    "i can't even believe you think a well is better than city water. no flouride = rotten teeth"

    Guess what is in toothpaste... c'mon guess... yep, fluoride. I'll keep my feces-free well water, and simply brush my teeth, thanks.

  • CombatMed Jul 1, 2010

    It's simple.........boil the water or you might as well go and drink out of your toilet.

  • carousel mom Jul 1, 2010

    So this explains why 3 members of my family had tummy issues the past couple days. We were in Smithfield for a baseball tourney all weekend and drank lots of water. I was refilling out bottles with tap water. We're better now :)

  • LuvLivingInCary Jul 1, 2010

    2020. i can't even believe you think a well is better than city water. no flouride = rotten teeth and yes, if you have an older well where the regs were easier you can have a well to close to a septic tank and get ecoli that way. it happens.

  • 2020Citizen Jul 1, 2010

    "Just another good reason to have a well for water"

    Yeah, who's ever heard of a well being contaminated. Oh wait...

  • jon2four Jul 1, 2010

    wonder who will be arrested 4 not following orders??

    No one will arrest you , but you may get a visit from the Grim Reaper.

  • johnstonredneck Jul 1, 2010

    Just another good reason to have a well for water