Republican Forest claims lieutenant governor win

Posted November 19, 2012

— Democrat Linda Coleman said Monday that she won't seek a recount in the lieutenant governor's race, conceding victory to Republican Dan Forest.

According to unofficial totals from the State Board of Elections, Forest finished 6,858 votes ahead of Coleman after counties submitted their certified results on Friday. The state board will meet next week to certify all results statewide.

Although Coleman was close enough to ask for a recount – the difference between the two was less than 0.2 percent out of more than 4.3 million votes cast – she said she didn't think that the effort would change the result.

"The days since Election Day have been strenuous for all involved in this endeavor," she said in a news conference. "Our post-election effort has, so far, shined a bright light on the flaws of our provisional ballot counting process. Together, we helped get at least several hundred additional ballots counted, and while we contend that there remain at least 3,000 ballots that should be counted, we face the reality that an extended legal battle would not alter the outcome of this race."

Forest said he felt "a huge relief" that the race was finally over and that he could now move on to thinking about his transition to office.

"I think we're going to see a level of cooperation we haven't seen in some time," he said, noting that he wants to work as a team with Republican Gov.-elect Pat McCrory and a GOP-dominated legislature.

Lt. Gov.-elect Dan Forest news conference Forest claims victory in lieutenant governor race

Linda Coleman concession Coleman gives up fight for No. 2 post in NC

Still, he said, he wants to build bipartisan support for legislation moving through the General Assembly. To that end, he plans to meet with all 50 senators before taking office – and becoming Senate president – in January.

Job growth and improving public schools will be his priorities in office, he said.

Forest said he wasn't surprised that Coleman decided to skip the recount, saying it would have only "delayed the inevitable" result of his victory.

"History proves out it's very difficult to win in a recount. It's never happened before in a statewide race, especially with a margin our size," he said.

Coleman wished Forest well in trying to address North Carolina's problems.

"North Carolina will face many challenges in the next few years. We need the governor-elect and lieutenant governor-elect to meet these challenges with dignity and loyalty to the people of North Carolina," she said. "A favorite adage of this campaign has been results, not rhetoric. We need results for our struggling middle class, resources for our renowned education system and innovation for a vibrant North Carolina economy."


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  • Sweetgrl3 Nov 20, 2012

    Per SEANC email: Lt. Governor Race Too Close to Call;
    90% of EMPAC-endorsed Candidates Win - HAHAHAHAHAHA You didn't this time.

  • Bartmeister Nov 20, 2012

    "Fox News? REALLY? You beleive and trust that garbage? You can't take the time and energy to read other sources that are less partisan?"

    EXACTLY!!!!!!! Cause we all know how fair and unbiased NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NPR,and ABC are, right? Take off the rose colored glasses.............

  • tdouble232323 Nov 20, 2012

    The Union mafias (SEANC & SEIU)and their millions couldn't even win the meaningless Lt. Gov race. Haha! Life long government bereaucrats like Coleman riding off into the sunset is great news for this state.

  • FourAutumn Nov 20, 2012

    "Fox News? REALLY? You beleive and trust that garbage? You can't take the time and energy to read other sources that are less partisan?"

    Funny how that works.

  • Sweetgrl3 Nov 20, 2012

    McCrory owes NOTHING to the NAACP. NAACP is Racists up and down.

  • blahz Nov 20, 2012

    Lt. Dan ice cream... Lt. Dan ICE CREAM!

  • driverkid3 Nov 20, 2012

    luvbailey::::You're pretty funny! Of course we don't need any mean old nasty lyin' cheatin' corporations! They might bring jobs! And then alot of people would have to get off un-employment and other forms of welfare! Who would want that mess????

    There ya go. The truth laid out in simple black and white, but you know people are going to get riled up and deny it all over the place. I agree with you ten thousand times over.

  • driverkid3 Nov 20, 2012

    junkmail5 November 19, 2012 12:52 p.m.

    Huffington Post? REALLY? You beleive and trust that garbage? You can't take the time and energy to read other sources that are less partisan?

  • Plenty Coups Nov 20, 2012

    driverkid-"Is there anyone on here that can tell me what kids in the first and second grade are taught?"

    Most kids are able to read by the end of first grade these days.

    "From what I understand more and more money goes into the school system from the dems and it seems to do no good."

    Actually, we are spending less than almost every other state. We still have about average scores when compared to other states but that will start to fall if the state continues to short change education. 1 in 8 teachers left last year despite there being a recession.

  • driverkid3 Nov 20, 2012

    carlostheass::::Yes, and they're working and only checking this on their lunch breaks like you and me instead of being regulars on here all day long.

    Wait just a second here! I am disabled, educated, and if I want to stay on here all day I can. In fact, I'll make a deal with you here and now. You think those that are on here all day have it made? I'll trade places with you. You take my excruciatingly painful feet, the arthritis, fibro, and other problems and I will work at your job GLADLY!

    Your handle suits you to a T because that is EXACTLY what you are!