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Reports: Former Duke doctor linked to Seattle slayings

Posted August 12, 2011

— A former Duke University doctor might be responsible for the stabbing deaths of a man and a toddler in Seattle, according to media reports.

Police found a 29-year-old man and 2-year-old child dead Thursday morning inside a high-rise apartment. Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said. A third person had also been stabbed, but Whitcomb said his wounds are not life-threatening.

The Seattle Times newspaper reported that the injured man recently completed a fellowship at Duke's Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition.

Police haven't released the identities of anyone involved, but Whitcomb said the men were a couple who had adopted the child.

Duke officials declined to comment Friday.


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  • earthmama Aug 12, 2011

    the act of birth places everyone in a "fatal position."

  • affirmativediversity Aug 12, 2011

    In which State was this child adopted...North Carolina or Washington?

    Which ever one it is, obviously, placed this child in a fatal position...

    Now, why doesn't everyone climb off their PC horses and think about this child for a moment...placed at the mercy of some beaurocrat this poor child was given to A MURDERER!

  • cjspeaks Aug 12, 2011


  • nonemeant Aug 12, 2011

    Just commented on this on another story about people killing to make sure other person suffers. To kill a two year old is height of devilish evil.

  • dcblackburn1963 Aug 12, 2011

    death penalty many times over

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Aug 12, 2011

    Not understanding what the psych eval has to do with it or saying the counselors didnt do their jobs. It does NOT say that adoptive parent was the doctor that did the stabbing. It sayd 2 men, 1 30 and the other 39 were stabbed along with the child. The 30 year old is dead along with the child. The 39 year old was wounded.

  • right2life Aug 12, 2011

    It's a shame this child never knew a mother's love. Every child deserves both a mother and a father. I wonder if this was even a legal adoption. Isn't a psych eval mandatory? It should be!

  • 2323 Aug 12, 2011

    Sad when you hope being adopted gives a kid a chance, then this happens.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Aug 12, 2011

    dosse - "A COUPLE OF WHAT???????"


    Prejudiced much???

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Aug 12, 2011

    "The Seattle Times reported that the two men were a couple who adopted the child and moved from Durham to Seattle about a month ago."

    And now the child is dead.

    Some adoption counselor didn't do their job well.