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Reporter makes appearance on 'The Daily Show'

Posted May 10, 2013

Laura Leslie

WRAL Capitol Bureau Chief Laura Leslie made an appearance on “The Daily Show” Thursday night for a report she filed on May 3.

Host Jon Stewart used Leslie’s story about comments made by Democratic Party Chairman Randy Voller as a chance to remind Democrats that they are “losing women.”

"I didn't know about it in advance, and of course, I missed it," Leslie said. "It's been such a long week at the legislature that I fell asleep before the show. I found out about it this morning from my Facebook friends. My wall blew up like it was my birthday."

Leslie said she's been a fan of "The Daily Show" for years.

"After all these years of reporting, I guess I can now say I've arrived," Leslie said.

Voller spoke to the Democratic Women of Guilford County May 2 at their annual President's Spring Banquet.

Someone from the Guilford County Democratic Party was live-tweeting the event.

One tweet quoted Voller as saying,"The GOP that’s leading us – we don’t know where they’re taking us, but they’re raping us along the way.” The tweet was quickly deleted. 

See the clip from "The Daily Show" below:


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  • kleigh444 May 11, 2013

    Relax, the Democrats have no reason to worry, our party is lead by a man who believes in transparency and open process. Chairman Voller will welcome the chance to demonstrate this.

    The YD's who opposed the interim ED;s dismissal have never accepted Mayor Voller's win over their candidate, and obstruct his authority, clearly stated in Party Procedure, to fire the interim ED, their friend, and hire his own ED, selected 4/30/13, who will take over very soon. These few rejected the clear democratic result of the Feb 2 win to office by Voller, and the 4/28/13 vote by the Executive Council to approve his decision. They lost 2 democratic Party votes, but refuse to accept the results.

    These Young Dems have yet to learn that losing elections is just a hard part of democracy to be accepted, and then address it in the next campaign, not in an attempted extra-procedural coup and continuing tantrums. This petition is part of that tantrum, they don't have a case here.

    NCDP Procedure is secure.

  • robmay910 May 10, 2013

    Wow. Congratulations, Laura Leslie! While some Democrats may be upset, fearing that the Republicans may accuse the Party of Hypocrisy, this Media Exposure will only help the Causes that we Democrats claim to support. This is a Reminder to Every Democrat that seeks to work in Government: WATCH EVERY SINGLE WORD YOU SAY!!!

  • kleigh444 May 10, 2013

    Tell it, teleman. The real story is the nightmare happening these last 3 month on Joness St in Raleigh.

    The ALEC agenda dominates our legislature, and Leslie displays her ignorance rather than cover the story. Real jobs are being cut in the booming renewable energy sector, drinking water threatened by gutting DENR and fast track fracking deregulation, education and job safety ignored. The GOP GA doing the bidding of big business is the real story.

    Over 50 members of the GOP legislature are card carrying members of ALEC, a business funded group that writes legislation for GOP led states, like NC has become. Their lobbiests insure only business interests are respected in NC, while our people are denied public schools, and guarantees to protect our drinking water and clean air.

    Voller does what he can to bring these stories out, Democrats spread the word, this GOP legislature is returning NC to the 1900's, the robber barons and overlords. Vote them out in 2014! Support Democrats now!

  • teleman60 May 10, 2013

    Leslie does the FOX NEWS delivery well -- repeat the GOP talking points as if they are NEWS!!

    The past weeks could get a real journalist a Pulitzer for the displayed insanity -- hunting with silencers, guns in bars, State religion, prayer in classrooms, separate BUT EQUAL school boards?, BAN on teen medical visits, you can't make this stuff up!!

    But it's buried beneath mild or misleading headlines. WRAL can SAY they covered the story BUT...

  • kleigh444 May 10, 2013

    So, 30 seconds of fame for Ms. Leslie. we all know what Voller was referring to was the extreme violation to this state's people, cuts to education, jobs, DENR and fracking fast track. She missed the real story, but she got on Daily Show!

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