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Report: Va. state trooper killed during traffic stop

Posted March 7, 2013

— Richmond television station WTVR reported Thursday that a Virginia state trooper was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Interstate 85.

Master Trooper Junius Walker, 60, died at the scene.

Corrine Geller, a spokeswoman for the Virginia State Police, said shots were reported just before 1:30 p.m., and that police responding to the call saw a man firing into Walker's car. The man exchanged gunfire with responding officers and then fled on foot.

He was caught a short time later, but his name and charges have not been released.

The incident resulted in lane closures and traffic delays along I-85.


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  • donnied19522 Mar 8, 2013

    I can't beleive that WRAL hasn't moved this story to the top view. A man was murdered and he was a protector of VA and all that travel through the state. Where are the priorities on this site? I'm outraged aboutt this. Let's read more about the false stories of global warming and the unemployement rate going down. both pure junk stories!
    this site is ridiculous! Can we say liberals and obama followers, worshipers, only please!

  • Tomcat123 Mar 8, 2013

    WTVR.COM has latest


  • baldchip Mar 8, 2013

    Donnied-AMEN!! This story is far more important than anything else in today's news!!

    MM 43 is about 18-20 miles south of Petersburg in a very rural area of Virginia.

  • donnied19522 Mar 8, 2013

    This story should be at the top of the page, just like when the officer in Durham was shot. The one in durham was not killed and this guy was. does not seem right that this story is buried so far down

  • wralhateswhitemen Mar 8, 2013

    so sad.

  • Sweet summertime Mar 8, 2013

    Sad. Hope his family can find peace and comfort. Its never easy when someone loses a loved one.

  • chance2llc Mar 8, 2013

    Aw no....

    Where on I85 did this happen? It's a good hundred miles between the border and Richmond.

    Mile Marker 45 out of a possible 63

  • Raleigh Joe Mar 8, 2013

    Another hero has paid the ultimate price to stand on the thin blue line between civilization and chaos. Rest in peace brother. Go to odmp.org if you want to read the stories of these brave men and women that give their lives protecting the public. For each one that is killed, there are many more that are wounded and survive. This world is becoming far too violent.

  • wralhateswhitemen Mar 8, 2013

    Such a sad story

  • jodigluscosuxbigones Mar 8, 2013

    Care to explain what liberals I have offended by my last post? you not withstanding.