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Report: Total crime in Durham down, homicides up

Posted February 21, 2011
Updated February 22, 2011

— Overall crime in Durham was the lowest it's been in a decade last year, but homicides were up 19 percent, police chief Jose Lopez said in his presentation of the annual crime report to city council Monday.

Aggravated assaults were up nine percent, while robberies decreased seven percent, the report stated. Larcenies, property crimes and motor vehicle thefts were at a 10-year low in 2010.

Police said an initiative targeting a two-mile area with the highest concentration of gun crimes, shots-fired calls and gang members showed promising results.

The Bull's Eye area saw a 57 percent drop in violent gun crime, a 50 percent drop in shots-fired calls and a 38 percent drop in non-officer-initiated drug calls over the last three years, the report stated.


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  • dewnit4fun Feb 22, 2011

    I thought homicides were a crime ?

  • exposure102 Feb 22, 2011

    Theft goes down, violent crime goes up...not really something to be proud about, Durham. That "bulls-eye" area you're targeting just means the criminals are expanding their territory, clearly not that crime is decreasing considering homicide was up 19% overall.

  • somey Feb 22, 2011

    Hard to hide homicides, huh Durham PD?

  • Caveman93 Feb 22, 2011

    They're just shooting each other more efficiently.

  • theartistformerlyknownasspeedy Feb 22, 2011

    Apparently the criminals are killing each other. Sounds good to me.

  • BigUNCFan Feb 22, 2011

    seankelly15, I agree that Durham would be much more of an attractive destination if it were not so crime ridden. ncouterbanks69 definitely has a point in his analysis. You are just defending the indefensible.

  • BigUNCFan Feb 22, 2011

    seankelly, if you read bullcity's post you would see he was talking about Durham and used NYC as an example to back up his point. You are just a troll with nothing to say.

  • kbrianf Feb 22, 2011

    ncouterbanks69 has had a beef with Durham for quite a while, to the point that he/she is incredibly predictable with their posts and almost laughable. As a Durham resident, I always read stories on WRAL concerning my city. NCOB is always in the comments section somewhere (sometimes multiple times) with negative/highly critical posts. Not sure what his/her beef is (willing to share with us, ncob69?), but they clearly don't like Durham, which is fine by me. I live here and happen to like it quite a lot. So, rock on with your bad self, ncouterbanks69! Hope your venting resolves, however temporarily, whatever frustrations you must be experiencing.

  • seankelly15 Feb 22, 2011

    tommys5 - Canning could not have been referring to modern statistics given that he lived in the 19th century. Statistics refers to the analysis of numbers... it has nothing to do with the collection of the data or the operationalized constructs examined.

  • seankelly15 Feb 22, 2011

    ncouterbanks69 - "... that town may be actually worth something."

    Spare us your bigotry.