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Report: Police officer fainted before car hit house

Posted March 9, 2009

— A Raleigh police officer fainted from an unknown medical condition before his patrol car struck a north Raleigh house Saturday night, according to a wreck report released Monday.

Cpl. D.L. Bond, 35, was driving the 2001 Ford sedan west on Partido Lane toward Satillo Lane around 10:45 p.m. when he fainted, according to the report.

The patrol car ran off the road to the right, went over a sidewalk and up a small hill. It hit several small trees and the support post to the roof of a neighborhood mail kiosk at 8037 Satillo Lane. The car then crossed the intersection and crashed into a house at 5417 Fair Rain Drive.

Bond was going 25 mph, the posted speed limit, and left tire impressions for 68 feet before impact, the report stated. His car traveled 107 feet after the first point of impact.

Bond was treated for minor injuries and released from WakeMed in Raleigh.

No one else was injured. The northeast corner of the house was damaged, the wreck report said. The house was briefly evacuated due to a gas leak.


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  • mtr Mar 10, 2009

    RPD07, You may want to do some research on libel real quick.
    Opinion is not subject to libel, here is a quick link to get you started.

  • jhoff Mar 10, 2009

    RPD07. You should learn the law. With an "unknown" condition, you must relinquish your license for 6 months and can only get it back if your "unknown" condition subsides. If only every police officer carried a meter to detect the levels of unknown conditions....

  • Gork Mar 9, 2009

    Yes sir, RPD07....

  • RPD07 Mar 9, 2009

    Be careful about what you say. If you say something that is untrue about a specific person, it would qualify as libel. WRAL can be subpoenaed to release your information and you can be taken to court for damaging one's character.

    You are welcome to your opinion but when that opinion is untrue and is damaging, it can result in serious consequences....

  • buckos18 Mar 9, 2009

    So, a police officer has a wreck because he suffered from a medical condition and you people are coming down on him? Do you know how many wrecks happen in the city of Raleigh due to people having a diabetic crisis? I can tell you there are alot. How about some concern? How about being happy that no one was seriously injured? Hope everything works out for Cpl Bond and the homeowner.

  • RPD07 Mar 9, 2009

    Yeah gork, I would also say "most" of us have not passed out behind the wheel. Does that mean that "some" people can not have something happen to them that makes them pass out behind the wheel? I would beg to differ....

  • Skywatch_NC Mar 9, 2009

    hey Skywatch and RPD07 -- BEHIND THE WHEEL?!?! Please - I'd wager MOST of us have not passed out, blacked out or fainted behind the wheel. There would be fewer of us if we all had done that...

    Gork, I had a friend in NY who had a medicine reaction and had passed out before he had a wreck. None of us knew at all that he was on a medication at a church meeting that we all were at and he had his wreck on the way home from the mtg. Thankfully he came through it okay and that no one else was involved in the accident!

  • RPD07 Mar 9, 2009


    So because he fainted from an unexplained medical condition you think he is unfit to operate a vehicle? We are required to get physicals every year. If we were unfit, it would be documented and we would not be allowed to work in full capacity (i.e. we would be put on light duty riding a desk).

    Read the report again and be sure you are trained in accident investigation. It was tire impressions not skid marks. I could drive through grass at 10 MPH and leave 1 mile of "tire impressions". All it means is that the vehicle was rolling over a soft material that left the impressions of a tire. It does NOT mean that he slammed on his brakes and skidded for that distance.

    Stop trying to stir something up when there is nothing there.

  • mtr Mar 9, 2009

    Alcohol test???

  • Just the facts mam Mar 9, 2009

    When I first heard about this I assumed he had a medical problem of some sort - glad the officer is OK. Medical problems like this obviously happen all the time - only reason this made the news was because it happened to a police officer...