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Report of improper behavior by Clayton High teacher investigated

Posted March 22, 2012

— Police said Thursday that they were investigating an allegation that a Clayton High School teacher inappropriately touched a female student.

The 17-year-old student contacted police late Wednesday to report that the unidentified teacher touched her inappropriately on her leg and on her side to "tickle" her, police said.

No other details were released.

Johnston County Schools is looking into the matter, but no disciplinary action has been taken, spokeswoman Terri Sessoms said.


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  • gsmusty Mar 23, 2012

    School Board had no problem releasing the name of the teacher at Corinth a few weeks ago. Even put him on leave with pay. Wonder why this case is different? Accused of basically the same thing yet the teacher at Clayton is still there and his name was not released. Corinth teacher is gone and name released. Guess you cant let the county's flagship high school go down real easy.

    Hey scubagirl, where do you dive?

  • fatchanceimwrong Mar 23, 2012

    I agree that stories such as this should not be in the media until there are proven facts and charges filed. If the allegations are false, then the teacher carries the stigma with him for the rest of his career and that's not fair.

    At least WRAL is not disclosing the teacher's name and plastering his face on their website. At least not yet anyway.

  • Scubagirl Mar 23, 2012

    "The posters that are hinting that the student may be lying just for "15 minutes" of fame are the reasons why more victims don't speak up. If this was your daughter or loved one coming forward...how would you feel if you read these comments.

    I disagree. Speaking up for ACTUAL inappropriate touching is a good thing, but using it for personal gain or revenge is NOT. If it were my child and I read these comments I would hope it would cause me to have a serious discussion with them.

  • MECU0905 Mar 23, 2012

    I do not feel that the news should report things like this, unless they are willing to follow up. Those who are convicted of this horrible crime get tons of stories, but the ones who are proven completely innocent never get another one. The student who accuses them is never punished and the teacher loses their livelihood. Come on WRAL you can do better than this!

  • TeaforTexas Mar 23, 2012

    If it is deedmed that this girl made a false accusation, her actions seek to undermine all of those children who really are victims of inappropriate contact or worse, sexual abuse. Furthermore, while this teacher has a stellar reputation if it comes down to he said she said, his career and all that he worked for may be destroyed. The outcome will be bad all the way around.

  • linspace Mar 23, 2012

    I agree that students have too much power, and falsely accuse all the time for revenge and so forth.. it is a witch hunt. However, that being said. If this teacher did in fact do this.. he should know better, tickling on the side a 17 year old girl is crossing a boundary of 'flirting' behavior.. even if that was not his intent.. and he needs to not do such things.

  • OleNCNative Mar 23, 2012

    On the side of the leg? Are you kidding me??

  • daisy Mar 23, 2012

    No teacher, male or female should be tickling a high school student. Teachers are the adults in the school and should hold their behavior to a higher standard than the students.

    Let the police investigate but there are non-criminal ethical standards that need to be investigated also. If he is cleared both criminally and ethically, then the teacher is safe and the young lady needs to get reprimanded for false allegations.

    The posters that are hinting that the student may be lying just for "15 minutes" of fame are the reasons why more victims don't speak up. If this was your daughter or loved one coming forward...how would you feel if you read these comments.

  • Sound Tech Mar 23, 2012

    I was inappropriately touched on my buttocks by my principle when I attended elemetary school back in the sixities. I went home and told my parents about it. My parents then explained to me that being paddled on my rear by the principle for being unruly was not inappropriate and I got another one from them just to prove their point.

  • Scubagirl Mar 23, 2012

    I'm glad to see that others share my thoughts on how this may be the students way of 'getting back' at the teacher. This is much like kids who report their parents for abuse when all they got was a much needed spanking (not beating). I think that with all the reports lately about inappropriate behavior some kids think "oh, I could do that and get what I want". I would go so far as to say that if these charges turn out to be false the girl should receive some type of punishment for it so that others know it's not open and shut when a teacher is accused.