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Report: Mold at South Granville High not at elevated level

Posted March 28, 2011
Updated March 30, 2011

Granville County School District hired an engineering firm to test air quality and inspect surfaces after a parent of a high school student complained that her daughter got sick from black mold at the school.

The inspection, the second since the beginning of the year, found no evidence of elevated mold levels at South Granville High School in Creedmoor, district spokesman Stan Winborne said Monday.

Winborne said the levels of mold found at the high school were lower than the average amounts detected in the outside air and that an independent lab confirmed the mold did not pose a health risk for students.

As a precaution, however, the school is being thoroughly cleaned, and more than 300 ceiling tiles were replaced, Winborne said. 


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  • missvargasusa Mar 30, 2011

    Hi Im from Roswell NM, we have a high school Goddard High, this mold ridden building has made 100 kids sick and staff, this is not to be taken lightly..go to survivingmold.com to ohmygosh, my son has mold poisoning this will kill a child, please to be so rushed to judge...the symptoms range from vomiting, bloody noses, resp. problems, pain in joint from head to toe, thanku

  • tazwolfette Mar 29, 2011

    More than 1 child has gotten sick from this and the actual report showed mold and 3 different rooms that needed immediate action. Funny, a copy of the report should be distributed.

  • papadsgirls Mar 28, 2011

    well if you knew what all granville county schools covers from the public this should not suprise you!Heck granville county doesn't care about the students education, all they care about is making themselves look good!

  • sammyg Mar 28, 2011

    Some people can smell mold and some can't. I had an experience with this at a previous job. I could barely breathe because of the reekness but others couldn't smell a thing. Had to complain all the way up to the big kahuna and they finally found the mildewed stench behind some equipment.

    If other people can smell it also...keep looking until it's resolved. That mess is not good for you!

  • armywife320 Mar 28, 2011

    Ohmygosh- have you ever been inside of South Granville? The school is old and in need of a major overhaul. Leaking AC units and water stained ceiling tiles are not an uncommon site around there. It is actually very surprisinging that they are claiming there is no mold.

  • ohmygosh Mar 28, 2011

    Way over reaction. One kid getting sick warrants this? Imagine the cost? Did they also inspect the home of that child for mold?