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Report: Durham Roads Crumbling

Posted July 20, 2007

— Durham's roads are getting worse, according to a new city report.

Forty percent of city-maintained roads ranked as "poor" or worse in the report, up from 23 percent in 2004.

This is the third time in the last eight years that the city reported a decline in road conditions.

Durham officials cited the growth in the city-maintained roads system because of new development and the spike in construction materials costs as reasons for the decline.


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  • hp277 Jul 21, 2007

    This report is entirely about the 650 miles of streets that are maintained by the city of Durham. This has nothing to do with state-maintained streets / roads.

  • raider Jul 21, 2007

    We need to consider how many miles of roads in Durham the North Carolina DOT has the responsibility for maintaining. There are streets in the City that the Public Works Department could maintain, but the State doesn't allow them.

    Maybe the Council should consider the financial obligations required to hire good employees (who want to do good work) and the training they need in order to do pavement work correctly. That would be a good stab at getting to the root of the problem.

  • mptypokets Jul 20, 2007

    Pavement designs take into consideration many things, among them, the amount fo traffic anticipated, subgrade conditions, etc. Weight limits should be enforced (I encounter many trucks that are over-loaded) and repairs being made are not performed properly because the "Budget" only allows for a "quick-fix". Haulers are usually paid by the load; therefore, they generally take the quickest route and pay no attention to road weight limits.

  • hp277 Jul 20, 2007

    I'm not sure what Peterson, Wagstaff, and the lacrosse case have to do with the performance of the city council. None of those things have to do with the provision of basic city services - police & fire protection, garbage pickup, water & sewer, parks, and maintaining the streets.

    The council has been too chicken to either prioritize paying for these basics or to raise taxes. Instead, we get an endless stream of city managers, police chiefs, and other senior officials, but little or no accountability for doing a poor job.

  • oneday8035 Jul 20, 2007

    HP277...I admit they are not the best City Council in the world but there are some things that are not completely in their control. They have done a pretty good job in the last coulple of years considering everything from the Peterson case to Jackie Wagstaff and her circle of hoodlums and now the Duke Lacrosse fiasco just to name some of the highlights. This relatively small city has spent it's share of time in the limelight for the next century or so. While they could do a better job at some things there have been a lot of pressing matters to take front burner. I'm not saying they should not have done a better job on the road maintenance but there are others that are also responsible for this situation.

  • Nancy Jul 20, 2007

    Didn't Durham get a bond issue passed a year or so ago? Wasn't that supposed to be used to improve roads?

  • Rabid_Wolf_2 Jul 20, 2007

    You know, I don't think I would tell anyone I have family in Durham City Counsel or Raleigh for that fact.

  • Slip Kid Jul 20, 2007

    Yes, too many Durham roads are in very poor condition. As a long time resident of both Durham and Apex I've seen Raleigh and Cary build new or properly widen roads when developments grow. Durham tends to leave the roads the same and they get smashed up by the heavy construction traffic - with no plans/money to correct or repair. Just poor planning by the paid city 'professionals'. I have to accept that our elected officials just don't know any better!:(

  • hp277 Jul 20, 2007

    oneday - I am not a Raleigh resident bashing Durham. I am a Durham resident bashing the Durham City Council. They are letting the city fall apart.

  • oneday8035 Jul 20, 2007

    I get tired of all these Raleigh residents bashing Durham every chance the get when they should look closer to home...it's not that much better. I have family members that have served on the City Council in Durham in the past and have lived here for 43 years so I can speak from experience. There is not always an immediate solution for any issue that involves government in any city.