Rep. Deb McManus resigns after embezzlement arrest

Posted December 11, 2013

Former state Rep. Deb McManus

— State Rep. Deb McManus, D-Chatham, resigned Wednesday, hours after she was arrested on embezzlement charges.

The state Department of Revenue charged McManus, 56, of 11 Pine Forest Drive in Siler City, with three counts of embezzlement of state property. She was released under a $150,000 bond, and her first court appearance was set for Thursday in Wake County.

McManus is the bookkeeper for Carolina Family Practice, a Siler City medical office run by her husband, Dr. Keith McManus. Authorities allege that she helped the practice "embezzle, misapply and convert to its own use" $47,369 in state individual withholding tax between January 2011 and last July.

The arrest was announced by the NC Department of Revenue. The news release did not mention her public office.  

Raleigh attorney Elliot Abrams said McManus was blindsided by the charges.

"She had been working with the Department of Revenue over the past few months to handle the situation and was surprised by these charges," Abrams said in a statement. "We will be reviewing the evidence in the case and will be discussing this matter with the Attorney General’s Office."

"The sadness she feels today cannot be measured," Abrams added.

McManus was in her first term in the state House, representing District 54, which includes Chatham and parts of Lee County. Prior to her election, she served 10 years on the Chatham County Board of Education. During her tenure there, she served as chair and vice-chair. 

Legislative leaders received her resignation letter this afternoon.

"It is with deep sadness that I have decided to resign from the House of Representatives effective today in order to focus on a personal matter that has arisen," McManus wrote in a letter to House Speaker Thom Tillis. "I will remain forever grateful for the opportunity to serve and for the support I have received throughout my service."

House Minority Leader Larry Hall, D-Durham, issued a terse statement: “This afternoon Representative Deb McManus notified me she planned to resign over a personal financial matter. I accepted her decision and I thank her for her service." 

The Democratic Party leaders in Chatham and Lee counties will nominate someone to fill the rest of her term, which runs through the end of 2014. Gov. Pat McCrory will then appoint that person to the post.


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  • 678devilish Dec 13, 2013

    would not want to personally work for someone like that.


    he is not that good of a doctor.

  • 678devilish Dec 13, 2013

    This is going to get bigger before its over with. Stay tune for more drama right there in Siler City. No jobs, but they can have the dramas from the people you least expect it from. Don't pay to think you are better than everyone else.

  • 678devilish Dec 13, 2013

    notexactly, should Dr. McManus behind bars?

  • 678devilish Dec 13, 2013

    or a liar. I guess you guys forgot that.

    Concerning the former president Bush. He did lie. :)

  • 678devilish Dec 13, 2013

    I guess you guys forgot that.

    You are making no sense. Be more clearer and stay on the subject matter you are chatting about!

  • 678devilish Dec 13, 2013

    The McManus's owe their employees big time. I would not want to personally work for someone like that.

  • 678devilish Dec 13, 2013

    IF she's guilty, she needs jail time!


    Certainly I agree with you on that. Plus, her hubby right along beside her. He is GUILTY as sin ever would want to be. She was doing it for him. I praying they find the evidence to arrest him.

  • 678devilish Dec 13, 2013

    There was a nice write up about Dr. McManus in this weeks Chatham News. I pray they have in the next issues showing his criminal side.

  • notexactly Dec 13, 2013


    maybe not, but he is a liar!! And I don't have to respect anyone that lies to us. You can if you want. You should think back when bush was disrespected so much by the media and the dems. He was neither a crook, criminal or a liar. I guess you guys forgot that.

  • 678devilish Dec 13, 2013

    How does his few employees feel about working there now that a piece of the truth has come out? Will they continue to work there. I would be outrage knowing the company tampered with my taxes by not sending it in like they should have. Employees together should sue the McManus's.