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Renters in Clayton mobile home park told to move out

Posted June 21
Updated June 22

— Renters in a mobile home park at 2885 Old U.S. Highway 70 in Clayton have been told to move out of their homes. Residents say that since a new owner has come in, things have aesthetically and morally changed.

Ami Gaglione said her landlord called her and told her she had to be out of her home by the end of the month.

"Something like this you have to plan for," she said. “I don't have money in the bank just saying, 'OK, let's just get up and go.'"

In addition to a new rule that states homeowners are no longer allowed to rent their properties, breed restrictions have been placed on pets and trampolines and pools have been banned.

Teresa Velasquez said the restrictions kept coming.

Mobile home park

"I had to get rid of my child's play set in the backyard that I've worked so hard to get," she said. "Her trampoline. All of her toys that were in the shed she would come out and play with, she's not allowed to have any of that anymore."

Velasquez owns her home and does not have to move. But she said she fears that day is coming.

She says there is constant worry among her and others in the community about what will happen next.

"I don't know if he's going to come up to me next and say, 'Hey, I don't like the color of your trailer. Get out. Your trailer is too old, get out,'" Velasquez said. "I mean, I worry about it every day."

WRAL reached out to the new owner who did not want to be interviewed, but said that what he is doing is within his legal right.

Residents said that while that may be the case, it does not make it right.

"If you want us out that's fine, but give us time," said Gaflione. "We're still human beings and we still have rights."

A bunch of the residents said they are getting together and getting an attorney to figure out exactly what their rights are.


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  • Margaret Hicks Jun 22, 10:35 a.m.
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    Looks like new landlord needs to fix the roads in that trailer park, The roads look like they are mostly pot holes. Hopefully he will clean it up and that will make the residences look and feel better about their community. Why can't they have toys in the back yard? I can understand wanting the front to look nice and not have toys, bikes and cars all over the front yard.

  • Ken Ackerman Jun 22, 1:07 a.m.
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    I don't know if we ever had a heart but we do not have one now. Oh, there are good people out there, the problem is the heartless ones are in charge.

  • Amy Whaley Jun 21, 11:18 p.m.
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    No pools, no trampolines are an insurance issue and a costly one at that. The landlord is the one who pays the higher premiums and is liable because he owns the property. These rules are common with rental properties. I do however, question what toys are in the shed that are not allowed anymore.

    Demanding tenets get out by the end of the month is questionable. Would like to know if a reason was given. I always thought a 30 day notice had to be given.

    Glad they are seeking legal counsel. Praying it all works out to the good for all of them.

  • Henry Cooper Jun 21, 9:25 p.m.
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    This is a tough one. Many of these folks have done nothing to deserve this but they also could do more to help themselves. Look at the crime map for that area. It is pretty bad but I still bet most residents are good people.

    If people would police their own community and get involved many times situations like this can be avoided. I am not talking confronting people with guns but call the police when you see something, don't go inside and decide "not to get involved". Easy for me to say though when I don't have a family there... I get that.

    Again, it is a tough one...If more than 3/4 of the residents are good people (which I believe are, if not more) and report crimes then the criminal element would be caught or leave because of it being a pain to deal with. At the same time the criminal element may push back which is dangerous for residents and I get that.


  • Robin Cubbon Jun 21, 7:57 p.m.
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    the landlord may be within his legal rights but putting money over people's lives is just cold. most of us live on a budget and we've seen the recent reports that most folks couldn't come up with $400 for an emergency. moving is a minimum of $3000 with first/last and other expenses. plus, two weeks notice. kids will have to change schools. have you seen rent prices lately? in many ways this can be a life changing event, not for the good. i don't know if we lost our heart or we never had one. i'm sad for those folks.