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Renovating second RDU terminal could cost $60M

Posted November 18, 2010

— Renovations to the aging Terminal 1 at Raleigh-Durham International Airport could cost $60 million, the RDU Airport Authority learned Thursday.

The authority's Capital Projects Team said construction on the sprawling, blue-walled building formerly known as Terminal A could begin in early 2012 and be completed about 18 months later.

Construction on the southern half of Terminal 2 is on schedule to be finished early next year, officials said. The north concourse of the terminal opened two years ago.

RDU spent about $570 million to build Terminal 2, which has 32 gates and handles most of the airlines that fly into the airport.


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  • Moriahe Nov 19, 2010

    Terminal 1 is basically a double-wide trailer on stilts. I was hoping that when the second part of Terminal 2 was opened, Terminal 1 would be razed and rebuilt in the style of the other terminal. Guess not.

  • protestthis Nov 18, 2010

    With the mess going on with the TSA and the invasive searches - there probably won't be as many people needing to travel - so they really don't need to do squat.

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Nov 18, 2010

    How much taxpayer money actually goes into an airport? I think a lot of it is finacened by landing fees.

  • quadrain61 Nov 18, 2010

    I don't now why people are saying it's a money it when it was decided decades ago to do this project. Renovations are needed so you won't complain that it will need renovations in a few years. Airports need to be renovated to keep up with demand of passengers, security, potential airlines for more destinations.

  • LtDansMagicLegs Nov 18, 2010

    Southwest will be mainly taking over Terminal 1 for their use. A couple of the smaller carriers are rumored to be staying there as well. My guess is the renovations will be for two reasons. One is to attract more traffic for Southwest which even know pulls more traffic than all the other T1 airlines combined. The other is probably for RDU to justify charging more for the airlines to use the gates in Terminal 1. Right now access at T1 is cheaper which is why some of the smaller carriers are wanting to stay over there.

    Right now T1 is like being in a time warp from the 80's...

  • My Two Cents Nov 18, 2010

    That airport is one of the biggest money pits we have. There is always construction going on out there. I sure wish I was there when they were handing out seats on the commission. I'm sure there is no kickbacks going on there or anything LOLOL.

  • hermiem Nov 18, 2010

    Why - is this really needed?!?! Another waste of taxpayers and investors' dollars. It just like they keep pushing for mass transit in the triangle - do you think that there really will be enough riders to support it?

  • The Fox Nov 18, 2010

    How many times have these terminals been renovated now?

  • freddie cadetti 72 Nov 18, 2010

    There's money being made somewhere. Thing is, is there a need for the upgrade? Who's not going to fly into or out of RDU because the concourse doesn't have the latest and greatest restaurants?