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Red Springs police target drug dealers in arrest sweep

Posted June 2, 2014

— Red Springs police planned to arrest about 100 people Monday in a major drug and warrant violation operation.

Police Chief Ronnie Patterson said officers have spent the past four months making undercover drug buys from street-level dealers to bring them in.

He said officers and detectives have gone door-to-door asking residents what the department can do to make the community safer.

"Four or five years ago, we had citizens that were sleeping in their bathtubs because of rapid gunfire in the area," Patterson said. "Now, we want them to come out and enjoy the summer."

Officers expect make 18 to 25 drug arrests and bring in another 75 suspects who have outstanding warrants on a variety of charges, such as breaking and entering and robbery.


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  • Catherine West Jun 2, 2014
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    I lived in Robeson County for most of my life. I'm quite sure there are going to be as many Indians and Caucasians as young black males . I don't understand why they are announcing it before the arrests are actually made.

  • dwr1964 Jun 2, 2014

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    It will continue, until young black males stop making money selling drugs. Making pot legal, will not stop that. There will continue to be dozens of drugs other than pot, that young black males will still sell and still go to jail for.

  • Alexia Proper Jun 2, 2014
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    I can't help but point out that 100 people is nearly 3% of the entire town population! So, is the whole city a big drug pit?

  • Life-goes-on. Jun 2, 2014

    What they're not revealing is that the majority of those arrested will be young black males. How long is the war on drugs going to take it's toll on the black community?

  • Setnitst8 Jun 2, 2014

    What this doesn't saw though is as soon as those suspects pay their secured or unsecured bond, they will be right back out on the streets. We need to make the court system stronger and hold the court responsible for handing out harsher senteces as well.

  • teleman60 Jun 2, 2014

    Another good reason for making pot legal - then criminals can't use it to make money and police can stop wasting tax dollars locking up nonviolent drug users.

  • James Scandrick Jun 2, 2014
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    @68_dodge, maybe the arrest went on thru the wknd, and they are putting it out now. Kinda like how they say some checkpoints are public knowledge prior to, but it's always posted the Monday, after the wknd, which it occurred. I'm just glad to hear something is being done.

  • Jump1 Jun 2, 2014

    If he gets 3 people he would be lucky.

  • stymieindurham Jun 2, 2014

    I would rather a "pre-announcement" NOT be made, but, at least the warrants are on file. They WILL eventually be cought.

  • miseem Jun 2, 2014

    100 arrests out of a town of about 3,500? I know some of the warrants may be for non-violent offenses, but that's still a big chunk of the population.