Recount changes UNC Board of Governors outcome

Posted March 21, 2013

— An error in tallying ballots led to the state House naming at least one person to the University of North Carolina Board of Governors who didn't win the seat. 

The error prompted the House to put off its Thursday calendar and to members joking about the lack of voter ID and the need for better public schools.

Both the House and Senate choose new members of the Board of Governors on Wednesday. The Senate appears to have selected its eight members without incident.

The problem was with the last of eight selections for the House. 

On Thursday, the House was scheduled to start work at 12:30 p.m. But House Republicans were called to a closed-door caucus meeting.

After an hour, members finally emerged, and staffers explained the issue to reporters. When the House finally came into session, Rep. Tim Moore, R- Cleveland, explained the problem. He led the tally committee on Wednesday and said that, in order to count the 118 ballots submitted, the ballots were split into different piles to be counted by different members of the committee. 

Apparently, there was a math error when the groups added up their totals.

After that explanation and a motion to reconsider the votes, the tally committee went back to work, this time under the supervision of the House majority and minority leaders and staff from the clerk's office. 

The end result: James E. “Jim” Nance, from Albemarle, a former dealer and president of Confederate Motors Inc., who had been named a governor Wednesday, was out of the running.

The House actually elected George A. Sywassink Jr., a business executive from Charlotte, who also serves on the Board of Directors for the Appalachian State University Foundation.


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