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Recent Rains Could Lead to Fewer Water Restrictions

Posted March 19, 2008

— Recent rains have prompted some area communities to relax restrictions on water use.

In Cary, a ban on outdoor watering expires March 31. A town spokesperson said Wednesday that the decision to extend or end the ban would be made close to that date. With Jordan Lake 3 feet above normal, the city may return to alternate-day watering.

In Goldsboro, residents will be allowed to water their lawns and gardens and even wash their cars at home on some days of the week.

In Raleigh, recent rains and conservation – customers have cut daily water use by about 2 million gallons since tough restrictions went into place last month – have raised the level of Falls Lake over the past two weeks. The City Council has said it would loosen the water rules once the lake level rises another 2 feet.


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  • veyor Mar 20, 2008

    What people seem to be missing is how soon the lake filled when the rains returned. When it doesn't rain but three small times from April to October, that is very, very unusual.

  • jabrn Mar 20, 2008

    I know Raleigh leaders are short-sighted, but come on... If they ease restrictions we will be right back in the same place... Maybe we should focus on some long term solutions to improve our infrastructure so we won't have to have this debate all the time. Should people have the right to water their lawns?... Since when is green grass your entitled right? I am all for being able to have both, but until we control growth we may have to choose between clean cars and green grass and enough water for health and sanitary purposes. I would rather have the latter and ensure we don't get so close to not enough water for anything...

  • DurhamDude Mar 20, 2008

    I hope I can go back to hand watering plants soon. Never saw the need to water the lawn anyway other than seeding time.

  • trunkmonkee1971 Mar 20, 2008

    Recent Rains Could Lead to Fewer Water Restrictions


  • SheriffTruman Mar 20, 2008

    "Which would people rather have, green lawns or water to drink"

    To which the answer should be... BOTH!

    If the municipality is on top of things, we should be fine. It is not like we live in Arizona.

  • Stormy13 Mar 20, 2008

    Sure hope this "drought" has opened people's eyes as to how quickly our water supply can be depleted. Some restrictions, and good old fashion common sense, should still be used! We certainly don't need to go back to the frame of mind that "water is at an endless supply". Which would people rather have, green lawns or water to drink!?

  • whatelseisnew Mar 19, 2008

    Ah wow pretty soon people will be able to bathe again. I can not believe that people actually allow Government to do these things.