Rebuild project to close lanes on Interstate 440

Posted December 3, 2013
Updated December 8, 2013

— Work will begin this week to gradually reduce Interstate 440 in Raleigh from three lanes to two, state transportation officials said Tuesday.

The lane restrictions in both directions of I-440 – from Interstate 40 to the U.S. Highway 64/264 interchange – will remain through December 2014.

The work is part of “Fortify,” the state’s project to rebuild an 11.5-mile stretch of I-40/440.

The lane closures will begin overnight this week on the westbound side, using plastic barrels to direct vehicles into the new traffic pattern. Those barrels eventually will be replaced with concrete barriers.

Crews will repeat the process on the eastbound side, beginning next week.

NCDOT officials said they plan to have both sides of I-440 down to two lanes before Christmas.


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  • IndependentAmerican Dec 4, 2013

    No comments on this today? Not even the one I sent in earlier?

  • Inside The Beltline Dec 3, 2013

    Instead of two lanes, they need to make it six! I don't understand the people who make these decisions.

    I think what you don't understand are the regulations and the law. I have sat in meetings and that was something they made clear the wish could happen, but the law simply doesn't allow it to happen willy nilly.

  • lwe1967 Dec 3, 2013

    I remember years ago when Raleigh told the federal government that we were the only State Capital that didn't have an interstate highway. They then approved Interstate 40 coming off of 85 and all the way day to the coast. I suppose in a way, it was a good thing as we now have 540, 440 to try and help move the traffic in and around the City and the outlying areas. Much of it is still under construction and planning. I can remember when there was no ramp on Capital Blvd. North for Fairview Road, you just made a left turn off of the Downtown Blvd. Now because of more planning, we will loose Finch's. This has been in Raleigh for a long, long time! That kind of dates me, doesn't it?

  • Pseudonym Dec 3, 2013

    Quote from ginashires: "Let the commuting games begin......"

    ...and may the odds be ever in your favor.

  • Pseudonym Dec 3, 2013

    Quote from ericsgrowing: "I hope they fix the US 1 / 64 interchange where Crossroads is"

    Amen!! It is a miracle that more people haven't been killed at that interchange.

  • Pseudonym Dec 3, 2013

    They couldn't wait until AFTER widening 4 miles of 440 from I-40 to Wade Ave on the west side??????

  • janward012 Dec 3, 2013

    Close it for the next 10 years and see what happens then.

  • tendonut Dec 3, 2013

    "Wait until the beach traffic hits in the Summer.....Perhaps they should have finished the last couple of miles on the 540 to 40 as a bypass of CRAWLEIGH"

    The last leg of 540 is still a decade away. The right-of-way hasn't been secured, or even decided on yet. According to the DOT, 40 will start having serious deterioration problems way before that.

    Besides, if they waited to complete 540 before they started on the Crawleigh project, people would be claiming the whole project was a conspiracy to get people to use the toll road. You can't please everyone.

  • iron fist Dec 3, 2013

    Why start the work now? They cannot pave in cold weather they should have waited until spring less delays due to weather, some rain will cause delays but not near at much as the cold. Poor timing. Glad to see WRAL us the correct name for the project unlike another local news channel who seem to be stuck on Crawleigh.

  • ginashires Dec 3, 2013

    Let the commuting games begin......