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Real estate agents learn gun safety

Posted November 9, 2008
Updated November 10, 2008

— Real estate agents in Fayetteville learned Sunday how to avoid becoming victims of crime.

Realtors went through a class about carrying a concealed weapon. The agents then hit the firing range to practice their gun skills.

The realtors say arming themselves is an added security measure.

“The last option – the very last option – would be to pull your weapon. You don't want to do that, but if you're going to pull it, you'd better be ready to fire it,” realtor Tonya Simison said.

In June 2005, police say June McCoy lured realtor Kathleen Yaggi to his home in Hoke County by pretending to be a buyer. Investigators said he shot Yaggi three times.

The realtor recovered from her injuries and has since placed three magnetic bullet holes on the side of her car. She says she markets herself as bulletproof.


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  • 68_polara Nov 11, 2008

    lgander41, If your asking law-abiding citizens such as myself to allow ourselves to be victims for your false sense of security the answer is simply no.

  • lgander41 Nov 11, 2008

    Not to be too obnoxious but...what is the need for having weapons? In a home with childen,you are told to keep your gun locked up and bullets in a seperate loaction to prevent kids from shooting someone or themselves. So-what happens when a break-in occurs and you want to defend yourself? Do you say to the criminal: "Excuse me, please hold your fire until I unlock my gun and load it" ? Hmmm? Would you shoot a burglar, just to keep your goods? Hmmm? Is a human life that dispensible to you? but you have to keep all your material possession,is that right? Are you also a Right to Life-er who wants to save unborn people but once they are walking around on land,are they on their own and fair game? Hmmm? Just why is it okay to have weapons to shoot? Have you forgotten one of the 10 Commandments? "Thou shall not kill" ? Murder is murder.I'm all for banning weapons. Really.And, psychological testing for all of those who want to buy a gun.

  • rargos Nov 10, 2008

    "I have seen/hear/read NOTHING that leads me to believe that he will "take away" guns or CCW permits, neither of which he can do without Congress"

    Ahh, but he CAN (and will) do them with a Democratic congress.

    Any gun owner who voted for Obama should have dropped their firearms into a trash compactor on their way to the polling place. Of, better yet, you can give your firearms to the criminals, since they (by definition) don't obey laws anyway.

  • redwarrior Nov 10, 2008

    Cookie, you dont think so? Personally, I wouldnt think it would be an appropriate joke either.....

  • Common Sense Man Nov 10, 2008

    "Second, Ms. Yaggi, thats quite arrogant to consider yourself bulletproof. Thats what Tupac thought too..."

    I'm sure she wasn't being serious.........

  • veyor Nov 10, 2008

    Obama has voted at every single opportunity presented to him to infringe on gun rights. Obama/Pelosi will be the perfect storm to disarm America.

  • Ripcord Nov 10, 2008

    "and (I) would not oppose the ban of fully automatic weapons or of armor piercing ammunition."

    Fully automatic weapons were banned in 1935. The only way to get one today is to first get a class III license (rarely granted).

    Armor piercing (generally, steel core) ammunition has been banned since 1986 (HR 3132). The NRA led the effort to ban it.

    We already have over 22,000 gun laws in this country. Which 'common sense' laws are missing?

  • Objective Scientist Nov 10, 2008

    Ripcord... appreciate your reply and I went to the website you provided. (An aside, I am a research scientist and must be objective in that role, but am not a "researcher" of Obama's stand on gun issues... so I can "miss something".) That being said, I don't think any President can "ban guns" or change gun laws without Congress going along. I could be wrong, but don't think that Congress would do everything he may want to do. After having read the info on the website you sent... some of that info seems equivocal, although it is clear Obama favors some "restrictions". I don't think he will be able to ban CCW, assuming he would try. He seems to be a "compromiser" and likely to do that with gun legislation. Banning semi-automatic firearms... that would make MANY rifles and handguns in this country illegal, maybe MOST. Don't think that will happen. Again, I have no problem with applying "common-sense" and would not oppose the ban of fully automatic weapons or of armor piercing ammunition.

  • Ripcord Nov 10, 2008

    Obama has previously supported a ban on the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons. He also filled out a questionaire in 1996 supporting a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns. He also said (direct quote)... "I am consistently on record and will continue to be on record as opposing concealed carry." You can see all of this, amongst other places, here...


    Which of these is not an infringement of our 2nd Amendment right?

    You may be an "Objective Scientist", but you're not a research scientist.

  • Objective Scientist Nov 10, 2008

    I am "amazed" at some of the statements "of fact" that appear in GOLO postings. Statements made as if they are unequivocally true... without ANY doubt. I grew up in NC and hunted for many years, having firearms of my own from a quite early age. I fervently believe in and am VERY protective of the "right" to have firearms.I currently own shotguns, rifles, and handguns. The shotguns and rifles are "hunting" firearms, the handguns are of substantial caliber and certainly would serve well for self-protection in the home or otherwise. I have had a CCW for many years. I also "follow politics", especially the recent Presidental election and Obama VERY closely. I have seen/hear/read NOTHING that leads me to believe that he will "take away" guns or CCW permits, neither of which he can do without Congress. Banning "assault, military type/grade weapons and ammo, I have no problem with that and think it only "common-sense" to do so. That can be done without infringing on our "right to bear arms".