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RDU to lobby for more international flights

Posted February 15, 2013

— The director of Raleigh-Durham International Airport said Friday that the airport plans to step up its recruitment of international flights.

Michael Landguth told Wake County commissioners that RDU had an $8 billion economic impact on the region in 2012 and wants to build on that by attracting more international flights, including destinations such as Paris and Frankfurt.

RDU has set aside about $500,000 in its budget for that effort, Landguth said.

The airport now has one daily flight to London.


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  • mlnuccio Feb 15, 2013

    I guess Toronto is no longer an international destination.

  • xyzzy Feb 15, 2013

    > The AA RDU to LHR daily flight exists only because GSK regularly fills Business Class.

    That's a myth. I take the RDU-LHR nonstop once or twice a month. It's not all ways full in C class, and a lot of the people sitting up there don't work for GSK.

  • eichn001 Feb 15, 2013


    One more thing- These international companies create JOBS. You know, the things that you complain the immigrants are stealing from you.

  • eichn001 Feb 15, 2013

    Uhavenoclu "Where to Mexico?,that way the state can get more illegals into the state and the dmv can issue more licenses and the state gets more money from the federal government and transportation money."

    Your name is appropriate. Undocumented immigrants from Mexico do not tend to fly to get here. And, despite what you would hope as a xenophobe, there are many international businesses in RTP. Also, you most certainly would have no reason to know this, but there are universities in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area (universities are where some people go after high school) and they attract a ton of international students, faculty, speakers, and events.
    Sigh. You give people from this area a reputation of being ignorant hicks. I wish you'd stop.

  • LuvLivingInCary Feb 15, 2013

    sorry smith...yes the purpose of the airline is to make money but do so the efficient way possible. burning extra fuel and having me use two planes instead of one and all the extra staff is actually costing them extra money. if all the business class buyers continue to dry up you'll see that heathrow flight go to. they already took the 777 away because of demand. read the tea-leaves.

  • kikinc Feb 15, 2013

    I used to fly to England quite a bit (from 2004-2007), usually about 6 or 7 times a year. This was when AA flew direct into Gatwick. My flights were always 75% full or more. It wasn't a bad flight.

  • I know some stuff Feb 15, 2013

    if you plan ahead, the flight cost can be a deal. In Nov. I flew the AA around trip,with a connection in & out of Germany, for less than $1000.
    And yes, the plane was only 75% full....so why would ANY airline add another flight to Europe from RDU?

  • ohmygosh Feb 15, 2013

    Obtaining this status is a political power game. Cities fight it out for such status. It's doubtful that Raleigh has the political muscle. Even with JH in Congress, Raleigh had little luck.

  • Uhavenoclu Feb 15, 2013

    Where to Mexico?,that way the state can get more illegals into the state and the dmv can issue more licenses and the state gets more money from the federal government and transportation money.

  • smithfielddog Feb 15, 2013

    Folks, the purpose of an airline providing a flight is to make money. For many people, including business people from the Triangle, having a direct flight is worth the extra cost when traded off against the time and convenience. If your money is worth more than your time, then connect through JFK or elsewhere. Keep in mind that without the direct flight, more people would have to connect to Heathrow through the other airports, thus increasing demand and (gasp!) increasing the prices on those flights. Having this flight here saves you money whether you take it or not.

    Economics is scary when you don't understand it.