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Rape reported at Mount Olive college

Posted November 10, 2011

— Police are investigating a rape and an attempted rape at Mount Olive College.

The rape, which occurred Sept. 6, was reported Oct. 13, and the attempted rape, which occurred Oct. 5, was reported Nov. 1, police said.

Both victims are college students and knew their attacker, police said. The attacks happened on or near campus.

Investigators said they have identified a suspect but have yet to make an arrest.


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  • spartacuscapua1 Nov 11, 2011

    one month later..How can they prove the charge?? It is going to be the word of the subject(victim) against the defendant.

  • RonnieR Nov 11, 2011

    Actually, Shannon, speaking from the LEO side of things, fresh report makes one think it may be a real rape. A long delayed report gives the impression that the report may not be so true.
    Rape is a very serious charge and one must be very careful when investigating to make sure all the elements of the offense are clearly and unambiguously demonstrated.

  • TomLynda Nov 11, 2011


    You are so, so correct.

  • 4family Nov 11, 2011

    People should now that lots of rape victims do not report that crime and most of the time when that happens they know their rapist. Unless you have walked in that persons shoes please do not judge them. 1 in every 3 females have been in some way sexually abused. Remember that when you see 3 girls together. More than likely one has a story.

  • shannonatlanticvend Nov 11, 2011

    Never question a woman who "waits too long" to report an assault. That is a victim blaming statement. Some women never report the crime. Thankfully she was able to come to terms and report it. I hope the survivors are able to find some good resources for victims of sexual assault.

  • caryzoo Nov 10, 2011

    Which campus?

  • love2dostuff Nov 10, 2011

    My question is why these women waited so long to report a rape. Most forensic evidence is lost within 48 hours....and almost all of it lost over several weeks. Date rape isn't as uncommon as most people would think.

  • jeff27577 Nov 10, 2011

    If identified a suspect, why haven't they arrested/charged him?

    only because someone is a suspect does not mean they automatically arrested, at most, they need to be questioned. THEN proceed as needed.

  • ncgirl4ever Nov 10, 2011

    If identified a suspect, why haven't they arrested/charged him?

  • veyor Nov 10, 2011

    This is very, very unusual for Mount Olive. It is a great school - one of the best kept secrets in North Carolina. The students are mainly great eastern North Carolina kids from good families. It is a close knit school and I'm sure this is quite a shocker.