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Raleigh wrong-way DWI wreck leaves two dead

Posted March 17, 2013
Updated March 18, 2013

— Charges are expected against a Raleigh man in a wrong-way wreck that killed two people Sunday afternoon, police said.

According to a wreck report, Ray Norman Rouse IV was going the wrong way in an eastbound lane of Wade Avenue when he struck a car driven by Ormond Jackson Bailey shortly before 1:15 p.m. 

Bailey and his passenger, Gaynell Batton Bailey, were taken to WakeMed, where they died, police said. 

Rouse was also taken to WakeMed, where he was listed in critical condition Sunday night. Once he is out of the hospital, police said, he will be charged with driving while impaired and driving the wrong way on a dual lane highway.

Betty Savage lives across the street from the wreck.

"I heard a sound that was so loud, it was almost as if a bomb had taken off," she said. "It sounded so close, I thought it was something that hit my house."

She described a chaotic scene as paramedics struggled to rescue Ormond and Gaynell Bailey.

"There was lots of smoke. The smoke was engulfing," Savage said. "They had to get the woman out of the car first ... That lady is there on the ground, and they're just going on her chest as hard as they can."

Then, they had to cut away a door to free Ormond Bailey, she said.

"Everybody was quietly watching UNC and Miami play, but wow, that's really insignificant when something like this happens outside your door," Savage said.

Wade Avenue was closed between Glenwood Avenue and Capital Boulevard for several hours while investigators were at the scene.


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  • sinenomine Mar 19, 2013

    caryzoo, what makes you think the courts, etc. didn't do their jobs?

    According to the paper Tuesday morning one DWI was dismissed when the officer never showed up for the hearing. Another was dismissed after the state's evidence.

    When the cop doesn't come to court to testify there is no evidence of a DWI and the case cannot proceed.

    Likewise, if the evidence is so weak that the case cannot go forward after the state closes it's case then the court IS doing its job by dismissing the matter.

    The lesson is that an officer, once they have charged somebody with a crime, needs to show up in court to try to make the charge stick. Likewise, if you're going to charge someone in the first place, make sure you've got the evidence.

  • caryzoo Mar 18, 2013

    This relatively young person has so many DUI's? Why wasn't he imprisoned long ago? It is very disturbing to think law enforcement and the courts cannot do their jobs. I believe law enforcement DOES do their job...it the prosecution and judge who do not do THEIRS! Too many favors...maybe?

  • ifcdirector Mar 18, 2013

    I live near here and this section of road is screaming for a simple dividing rail from the Capital all the way through the dangerous curves of this section of Wade. That one simple measure would have saved this couple's life. This is not the first time I have seen someone going the wrong way through those curves.

  • linus458 Mar 18, 2013

    sorry... 28yrs of LEO service...

  • linus458 Mar 18, 2013

    Also, turbo08, my husband is a 28yr LEO and he is my "fighting dog"...

  • turbo08 Mar 18, 2013

    So maybe you should be ANGRY off with the judge who has let this loser go free with a slap on the hand for having multiple DUI's.

    No I'm still angry with RPD for them taking their time to do anything, not the judge.

  • YNCSW51 Mar 18, 2013

    My prayers are with the families as they sort all of this out and come to turns with what has happen.

  • linus458 Mar 18, 2013

    @ turbo08, I do have a dog in the fight when I work for RPD!!! I know what goes on, on a daily basis. I know that it is ALSO WAKE CO and SHP's job to patrol these areas as well. NOT just ours. We are always around but when we have B&E's, domestic violence situations, missing teenagers, sexual assualts on adults and CHILDREN, we can't ALWAYS be on the hightway. So maybe you should be ANGRY off with the judge who has let this loser go free with a slap on the hand for having multiple DUI's.

  • Jimmytwotimes Mar 18, 2013

    If Rouse, who is in critical condition, gets put on life support just pull the plug and save some money all around

    Wow, I wonder if you'd feel that way if someone in your family made a bad decision to drive drunk and did this.

  • Save It Mar 18, 2013

    "The drunk driver always manages to live..."

    I believe its been studied and proven that this is often true because the driver is drunk.