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Raleigh woman sues to play tennis against city's best

Posted August 11, 2009

— A Raleigh woman is seeking a jury trial and $10,000 in damages in a sexual discrimination claim against the City of Raleigh and its recreational “tennis ladder.”

Nancy Griffin claims that the city’s rules allow men to refuse to play against her, limiting her opportunity for competition. Griffin, who was one of the top-ranked female tennis players in the state in the mid-90s, alleges that the lack of competition has caused her mental and emotional distress.

According to the suit, Griffin, 41, has been battling the ladder’s rules for years. She played against the men from 1999 through 2003, but had to petition to do so in 2004. So many men refused her challenges that season, the suit says, that the city added a rule to dock their points. In 2006, the city lifted the “avoidance rule,” the suit says, and male players again avoided playing against Griffin.


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  • ladyblue Aug 11, 2009

    good lord. woman just suck it up go find venus williams to play with. So why should the law FORCE ANYONE to play with you that doesn't want to. They should sue her for wasting the courts time. As if theres not enough to worry over.

  • mom2threecld Aug 11, 2009

    apparantly, she has no life


    I thought this story was an early April fools joke.

  • djofraleigh Aug 11, 2009

    If there are "separate but equal" separation between sexes in tennis, then it is the norm. That might need to change. I can't get the clear facts on what all held her back.

    Seems to me that while the PGA allows ladies to play, the LPGA does not allow men to compete, the latter is sex discrimination. Sports, from swimming to soccer to basketball should not discriminate on the basis of sex.

    PGA doesn't want golfers in electric carts or wheel chairs, but that is discrimination. As long as the device doesn't give advantage or do damage to courts, greens, game, they should be able to compete.

  • ech Aug 11, 2009

    all you sorry men. come on if you can't beat a woman wear a dress

  • Thought Criminal WS Aug 11, 2009

    She needs get a grip and drop the suit, if not have it tossed out as frivolous. I can't use the women's bathroom but I won't be suing b/c of it! There's seperate leagues for men and women, co-eds, and she's complaining cause men won't play with her.... ehm... that means someone really doesn't play well with others. Given some of the posts about on court behavior, seems like there's a reason men don't want to play with her.

    I can't recall a time I had trouble finding playmates, aside from when I acted like a u-know-what.

  • Just Once Aug 11, 2009

    Suing sounds a little obnoxious (ok REALLY stupid and obnoxious)...but why do we have the issue? Why can they not play her? Why not let her sign up in the mens league. What difference does it make?

  • southraleigh Aug 11, 2009

    The other issue with granting points to a player with a refused challenge is that it rewards poor sportsmanship. If you're excessively loud, make bad calls, and are generally disruptive enough that people don't want to play with you should you get points when people refuse your challenge? Being obnoxious could actually become a valid strategy.

    If this goes to court and they start bringing out defense witnesses what are they going to say? Didn't want to play a woman? Or is it more likely that everyone asked is going to say they just used that as an excuse because they thought it was better than telling her it was because of her poor sportsmanship?

  • oneday8035 Aug 11, 2009

    If she is that good then why is she playing in Raleigh? Come on honey, there are things that are male and things that are female. I get so tired of these money chasing gender challenged individuals suing because they are the wrong gender for something that they think they are entitled to. Girls in Boy Scouts, Boys in Girl Scouts, women on the football field. Let the crazy bi atches play in the NFL and make them sign a waiver that when they get squished to death then no one collects a dime. Bet they back down.

  • eyeopener Aug 11, 2009

    I'd be afraid to play her. if I won she might sue me saying I beat her.