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90 cats, 3 dogs seized from Raleigh home

Posted November 9, 2013
Updated November 10, 2013

— A Raleigh woman was arrested Friday after she deprived 90 cats and three dogs of food, water and or medical care, according to police. 

Carol Jean De Olloqui, 44, of 3201 Sandy Bluff Road, was charged with multiple counts of cruelty to animals. 

The 93 animals were taken to the Wake County Animal Shelter. 

Wake County Animal Shelter director and veterinarian Jennifer Federico said three rescue partners claimed the cats the night they were removed from the home. She said about 30 cats and three dogs were saved. At least three cats that had been previously at the shelter were returned there and the rest were euthanized.

Federico said the cats were in varying degrees of health with some suffering from upper respiratory problems and dehydration. 

Federico said the shelter has 18 kennels, which already contain animals, and they had to be careful not to place ill animals in with healthy ones. 

"The real rescuer in this situation was the anonymous caller who shed light on what was happening. We thank our rescue partners for stepping up and taking what they could," Federico said. 

De Olloqui was the most recent president of Calvin's Paws, a nonprofit animal rescue.

"Calvin's Paws does not support fosters having an abundance of animals. Our only goal is to rescue animals most in need; sometimes we fear our fosters take on more than they should. We will work over the next weeks and months to develop policies and procedures to ensure fosters do not put themselves or our animals at risk," Dan Wagner, the organization's interim president, said in a statement. 

De Olloqui is a frequent guest on WRAL's "Pet of the Day" segment, where she introduces viewers to cats who need a forever home. 

She is due in court next week.


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  • nobodysbusiness1 Nov 20, 2013

    There is a petition circulating to remove the Vet from WCAS. I read an article where Dr. F would euthanize dogs with URIs. At that time there wasn't a policy, and according to the recent interview with WRAL, it appears there still isn't a policy. I guess if there isn't a policy she can do whatever she wants, which includes killing 60 cats.

  • shelllauren Nov 20, 2013

    wvgurl-Do you have some kind of documentation that the vet contacted/attempted to contact other available rescues for the 60 cats it euthanized but is somehow (in your mind) not responsible for killing?

  • Nov 18, 2013

    I have known Carol for maybe 10 years, donated my time for one of her rescues at the NC Vet. School open house and fund raisers. She was backed by many a Vet. Clinic/Hospital, one of which is my own Vet. She helped me many times, last was email earlier this year.
    She did not do this by herself! there are others involved in this, you had to go through the website to get in touch with her and that request was taken by a person associated with the rescue and forwarded to Carol. No one has mentioned the others/fosters/people that were under her as far as who did what? Did these people not know? if there was a problem? Carol has never been a loner .. she always had others involved in the rescues .. Some of the rescue animals were at Discount Pet Supply in Cary ... why are these people not being questioned about what happened? and their responsibility in this?
    I agree with some folks that there is more here to be found out.
    Please be open minded until the whole truth is known!!

  • InterestedNurse Nov 14, 2013

    FYI....the Wake County Animal Center and the SPCA are not the same thing. The WCAC is a government run shelter that legally cannot refuse animals. For this reason, the have to euthanize when they are full and an additional 60 animals are surrendered by the general public over a single weekend. The SPCA is a "no-kill" facility because they have the luxury of picking their dogs from shelters (like WCAC) instead of participating in public intake, therefore they can control the number (and breed) of animals in their facility at any given time. Trust me, the WCAC doesn't euthanize by choice. Rather, this occurs because there are never enough rescues/fosters/adopters to decompress the shelter at any given time. Please don't confuse the two as they are VERY different. Lousy owners need to stop abandoning their animals, and finger-pointers need to pony up and volunteer so they might actually have some remote clue about who/what they are talking about.

  • nobodysbusiness1 Nov 14, 2013

    I hope that feeding tubes are not considered as animal cruelty else every veterinarian in this town should be charged.

  • nobodysbusiness1 Nov 14, 2013

    A man in a violent rage broke a cat's leg and ripped off two toes.

    He couldn't afford the vet cost to fix the leg, his children were begging him to not kill the cat.

    So he drove up in his Lexus and surrendered the cat to a rescue.

    The rescue took the cat into the vet. It needed extensive surgery.

    After the surgery and the cat started to heal the man called the vets demanding the cat back. When they and the rescue refused to give it back, the man started making threatening phone calls. Multiple calls, 'if you don’t give me the cat you know what will happen to you' comments

    An eight page report was completed by the veterinarian and turned into Raleigh Animal Control and the police.

    - the Raleigh magistrate did nothing
    - the Raleigh Animal Control did not charge the man with animal cruelty
    - the Raleigh Animal Control did not remove a second cat that was in the man's home

    But the Animal Control team did give the man 'a stern talking to'

  • wvgurl Nov 14, 2013

    This tragedy is not the fault of WCAC. They are just the ones responsible for cleaning it up. From the general public who doesn't practice responsible ownership (spay/neuter/vaccinate/etc.) to the person who got in over her head, they are the ones responsible for this mess.

    Stop looking at the shelter and look at who created this mess in the first place. Why did it take a call from a neighbor to get the county involved? Who was there to help Carol before it got to this point? Nobody from WCAC went "looking for her". Remember, WCAC staff are not drones or heartless machines but loving, caring people who have a passion for saving animals. Your words hurt more than you know when you insinuate that they just don't care. As for Dr. Federico, she has done more for that shelter than you know. From bringing in trainers to organize dog play groups to changing policy on behavior assessments and sick animal procedures, every change has been made to save more lives. Get your facts straight!!!

  • wvgurl Nov 14, 2013

    Any cat that was euthanized was euthanized for humane reasons. These were not all healthy, adoptable cats. Some were on feeding tubes and many were emaciated and diseased. They were suffering. Don't think for one minute that the staff at WCAC wanted to have to do this or that they didn't do everything they could to save as many as possible. I know most of the staff there and this whole thing has them very torn up. From the medical and receiving staff that had to evaluate each of these animals to the rescue coordinator who busted her hump finding rescues for the ones that could be saved to their self proclaimed "cat lady" who is the shelter feline's biggest advocate, the WCAC staff did everything they could to salvage as many as possible.

  • janethuffstetler Nov 13, 2013

    As far as Carol taking on too much.. that is funny! If those words come across your lips you have clearly never met this woman! She is a box of dynamite in a small package! I have sat in amazement listening to her schedule but for her it is just her way. She would never and I mean never do what they are accusing her of. If she couldn't take care of the animals she would ask for help, no doubt in my mind.

  • janethuffstetler Nov 13, 2013

    I would like to caution that things are not always as they are portrayed.I have personally known Carol for years and I have never in my life seen anyone as determined,caring,loving towards animals.She is an amazing woman, a feisty woman that is straight up type A personality that gets things done.Her rescues literally are her life!I have never felt a need to post on anything here before but I had to on this because she will always be considered one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. If you have ever met her I can't believe that you would think that she would keep food, water and medical attention from any animal.I think there has got to be more to this story than we are seeing and my heart breaks for her because I know she has got to be grieving for the loss of her babies.You can bet if they were in her care they were considered "her babies".Kind of unfair for people to make comments not knowing her,I will base my comments on the woman I know and have seen in action!