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Raleigh woman dies in home accident

Posted November 7, 2010
Updated November 8, 2010

— A woman died and her husband was in a local hospital Sunday evening after police say someone in their Raleigh home unintentionally pressed the remote-start button for their car that was parked inside their garage.

Investigators did not release the names of the victims but said exhaust from the car poisoned the woman and killed her inside the home.

Several fire trucks, ambulances and police cars responded to the home on Askew Drive, about a half block from the intersection of Fairview and Oberlin roads.

Raleigh police did not release further details, including the condition of the woman’s husband, Sunday evening.


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  • stlmagnoliainnc Nov 8, 2010

    Were they warming up the car.....why would you do that in a garage ?

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Nov 8, 2010

    bmg379, last year Durham started requiring us landlords to install a CO detector in all rentals using natural gas for heat, cooking, etc. (I'm not sure, but this may have applied to people heating with oil or using LP too.)

  • patriciaadillon Nov 8, 2010

    Such a loss of a warm, funny, wonderful woman. Our love and prayers to the boys for the loss of their mom. Their dad is in God's hands, as are we all.

  • msmcgarvey Nov 8, 2010

    Wouldn't it be nice if people kept their uninformed opinions to themselves and spared the public their insensitive commentary? Please be considerate of others when broadcasting such futile remarks.

  • parkeremorris Nov 8, 2010

    "just shows no matter if you live in a millon dollar home you can't but common sense. I have several smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector im my small 1 story home.anyone with gas heat should have a carbon monoxide detector.Guess they spent the money better on a remote starter."

    I hope that if your mother passed away, there would be kinder people out there who value a human life and could appreciate how big of a tragedy this is for a wonderful, loving family.

  • JAT Nov 8, 2010

    Wonder how long it had been left running?

  • gingerlynn Nov 8, 2010

    YOu would think carbon monoxide detectors would come standard on a 900,000 house. It is so energy efficient it doesn't even let the bad vapors out. More of this is coming.

  • parkeremorris Nov 8, 2010

    This is such a horrible thing to happen to such good, kind people. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you.

  • Justin T. Nov 8, 2010

    "It should be code that all garages are vapor tight. In fact Holmes on homes had a show on that exact thing. He hung 2 layers of sheet rock and mudded them both and used expanding foam in the crevices."

    --Not a bad idea, but the Homebuilders Association fights all measures like this... code required energy efficiency improvements to comply with international standards just got put on hold until 2015. Also, if they fought and won the battle against sprinklers you can bet any other proposed safety feature won't be popular. Everyone knows that the money spent on new homes needs to go to fancy counter tops, not safety.

  • parkeremorris Nov 8, 2010

    This is such a tragic thing to happen to such good, kind people. You have all of my thoughts, prayers and love.