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Raleigh woman charged with injuring four while driving impaired

Posted December 8, 2013
Updated December 9, 2013

Mary Catherine Marett

— The North Carolina State Highway Patrol says a Raleigh woman was driving drunk when tried to make an illegal turn Saturday, prompting a wreck that caused injuries to four people.

Mary Catherine Marett, 27, of 1020-A5 Avent Hill, was arrested on four felony counts of serious injury by vehicle and one count each of driving while impaired, driving with a revoked license and unsafe movement following the wreck on Tryon Road near Trailwood Drive in Raleigh around 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

State troopers said Marett was driving east on Tryon Road when she attempted to U-turn onto Trailwood and was hit by a car headed west on Tryon.

The driver of the car that hit Marett was treated and released at a nearby hospital. The driver's name and extent of injuries were not released.

One of the three passengers riding with Marett, Megan Nicole Gross, 27, was taken to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, where she was listed in critical but stable condition Sunday night. Information on the other passengers was not available.

Marett was being held at the Wake County Detention Center under a $100,000 bond Sunday night.


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  • dckelder Dec 9, 2013

    When someone is caught driving while their license is suspended, the car should be confiscated in addition to any other penalties that are assessed. Hopefully, this will occur before a wreck injures anyone.

  • scubagirl2 Dec 9, 2013

    " We learn from our mistakes,but this is a BIG one.

    guessing she did NOT learn since she was driving w/ no license.

  • sandim50 Dec 9, 2013

    lUCAS tURNER...If she was wasted and instead of a car, she shot someone and they died, would you also be in favor Of Cheery or Butner. "she evidently has a substance abuse problem" but this time she used another "WEAPON" I say no mercy for this type of person. The records of rehabs prison or a mental institution are about the same. lots of repeating these types of felonies I feel HARD time in person leaves a better impression than a comfortable rehab center

  • sandim50 Dec 9, 2013

    I would love to see the laws changed on driving while impaired. They are to weak. /to me, it is the same as having ab illegal weapon.Suspended license "a joke" fines "a joke" substantial time in PRISON now that is real. And depending on upon injuries, death as a result of this "CRIME" LONGER PRISON SENTENCES.

  • carmalee Dec 9, 2013

    So unfortunate. People, don't drink and drive. And, don't ride with someone who has been drinking. Have a designated driver, take a cab, phone a friend, call your parents, just don't get in the car with someone who has been drinking.

    Steel_Pens, this was at Trailwood Hills, not Trailwood,and there isn't a light at that intersection. There is a left turn only lane off Tryon that is angled so it would be difficult to make a U-turn.

  • Lucas Turner Dec 9, 2013

    Hundred Thousand dollar bail. Oh, Heck no. That's overkill. All the charges, no way. She evidently has a substance abuse problem so lets keep her in jail and put her in prison. How about getting her some help. How about a involuntary commitment to Cherry or Butner or someplace to address the problem. We have a history in this state of locking everyone up instead of mental health intervention. We can financially run mental health facilities as well as jails and prisons Im sure. But that makes to much sense.

  • tekmafia Dec 9, 2013

    sunshine1040 -
    "Does not list the ages but if over 21 they should all be charged with public intoxication why else would they get in a car with a drunk unlicensed driver"

    LOL, ridiculous!

  • Cardinal Fan 1956 Dec 9, 2013

    ncpilot2 - although I agree with you that there is a growing perspective among many people today (in our society) that it's not about committing a crime, it's about getting caught, I don't think it extends to driving and drinking. filling up a cooler with beer and driving around was much more commonplace in the 60's, 70's and 80's than it is today. I think teenagers (and drivers overall) are much better about drinking and driving than they used to be. It's still a very serious problem, but the situation is improving.

    Everyone in that car is guilty because they knew they were getting into a vehicle with someone who had been drinking and did nothing to stop her. To drive drunk is pre-meditated.

  • LetsBeFair Dec 9, 2013

    All fun and games until you pull a uey and cause a crash. Good heavens they backed up the dump truck and unloaded the charges on her.

  • Obamacare for one and all Dec 9, 2013

    She doesn't look too distraught considering she nearly killed her friend Megan.