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Raleigh woman charged with having gun on school grounds

Posted November 13, 2013

— A Raleigh mother was charged with a weapons violation Tuesday after officers found a gun in her car, which was parked on the property of her child’s school.

Raleigh police said Kristina Janel Rowe, 38, went to River Oaks Middle School after her daughter, who is a student there, said she was attacked by students on her school bus.

Rowe called 911 to tell authorities about the situation and either followed the bus or went directly to the school to meet with authorities. In her call to 911, she said she wanted police to meet her at the school so she could press charges against the other students.

While there, police said, she mentioned that she had a gun in her car.

Rowe was charged with having a gun on educational property.


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  • Glock Ranger Nov 15, 2013

    Which law is clear, bushido? Obviously, you didn't bother to read the previous posts that clearly pointed out the fact that the law changed on October 1st.

    I have studied this, been instructed about this at the NC Justice Academy, and certified to teach these modifications to the law as a part of the NC Concealed Handgun Permit classes I have taught for over 4 years, to 871 students in 295 classes.

    Not to brag. They are my credentials for all to see.

    If you care to read the laws you state are so clear, here is the link to the NC DOJ website, specifically the Attorney General's publication "North Carolina Firearms Laws" revision of August 2013. Please, pay particular attention to pages 23-25.

    1. Schools
    (Page 24) subsection titled "The aforementioned prohibitions will not apply not apply to:
    (Page 25.i) "A person who has a valid concealed handgun permit...."

  • bushido2298 Nov 15, 2013

    The laws are clear; No CCW or "safe journey" WHILE locked in a safe or lockable box while on educational property = jail
    "registered owner?" No such thing, if it was a legally owned/purchased handgun she has no business having it anyway, clearly she is not even responsible enough to make toast.

  • Glock Ranger Nov 15, 2013

    I wonder if this will even be posted?

    Barfly: The term "registered gun owner" probably refers to her having obtained a pistol purchase permit to purchase that gun, or a handgun.

    jonstewartrules: No disrespect intended, but, your ignorance of the laws doesn't make the laws stupid. I agree wholeheartedly that responsible citizens should be a part of the fabric of security, for themselves and others. That IS our 2nd amendment right.

    For everyone: This is the link to the WTVD story which has far more details than this blurb from WRAL:


  • dwntwnboy2 Nov 15, 2013

    Could understand the charges IF she had pulled the gun out and threatened someone with it. If all she did was have it IN the car when she went- obviously quickly and without preparation to the school, seems like a stretch to charge her when her child was the victim of an assault while in the school's care. Can only go by what is in the article above, there may be much more to this than it seems.

  • jonstewartrules Nov 15, 2013

    I thought it was fine to have a gun anywhere you wanted now. Stupid laws. She obviously only had it there for good purposes. Everyone should be allowed to carry a gun with them for self-protection at all times. It's a 2nd amendment right. For everyone. I hope she sues and the police department is forced to close up. I can't believe in this day and age that we still have government agencies trying to take away our guns!

  • Barfly Nov 14, 2013

    Unreal. If this would have been a middle aged white man, the lefties would be screaming for the death penalty. Instead, it's an angry woman armed with a gun that chased a school bus to confront children. Let's see if the gun is even hers. Let's see if she's a convicted felon. I find it illogical to support a loose cannon like this lady seems to be. Y'all keep playing the victim card for her.

  • acsmith4 Nov 14, 2013

    Those of you who think it's illegal for a CHP holder to have a gun in their vehicle on school property (are you listening WakeCountyLiving?) need to know your laws. The change went into effect October 1, 2013.

    "Other parts of the bill will allow concealed handgun permit holders.....allow them to keep firearms locked in their car when parked on college or public school campuses."

    source: http://www.wral.com/lawmakers-approve-sweeping-gun-measure/12695733/

  • 68_dodge_polara Nov 14, 2013

    "There's nothing here about her having a concealed carry permit. Everything after that fact is moot, and there is no information one way, or the other, regarding that issue. So, we may speculate that she did not, that the gun was not legally on the school grounds, and that's it." -Glockranger

    Actually what glock ranger is accurate as even if SHe had a CCW (which she doesn't) she went on school grounds to confront students as an aggressor so in such a case the permit is moot and the arrest would seem warrented. If one doesn't agree a they should ask a CCW instructor. Oh wait...

  • busyb97 Nov 14, 2013

    @GlockRanger...apparently your "fairly complete knowledge on the law" is inaccurate, since it has changed and you CAN have a gun locked in your vehicle. But if she didn't have a CCW, then the article fails to specify that, making it sound like that JUST because she had a gun, she was arrested.

    I find it hard to believe she'd know to even tell the officer that she HAD the gun (voluntarily told him, from the way the article reads) unless she DID have a CCW...because that is what we are supposed to do when dealing with LEO. If you didn't have the CCW, you wouldn't know to do that.

    Of course- she could just have been whacko and looking for attention...who knows. But I think there is some misdirection with how this is being reported...making it appear that because she had the gun on school property, that alone was against the law.

    Not enough info.

  • dsalter Nov 14, 2013

    You can have it in a vehicle as long as it stays in the vehicle on school property. However, this is WITH a concealed handgun permit. Apparently she did not have one and she was there with it for the wrong reasons.