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Raleigh woman charged with DWI in fatal crash

Posted October 11, 2010

— A Raleigh woman is charged with driving while impaired in a wreck that happened Saturday night in east Raleigh.

Cheryl Raybon Bailey, 50, of 1016 Rock Drive, was crossing the intersection of Rogers Lane and New Hope Road Saturday when another car ran the stop sign, according to witnesses.

Bailey T-boned the other vehicle, killing the driver, Beverly Ann Burton, 51, of 1211 Canyon Rock Court in Raleigh, according to the police report on the wreck.


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  • nichell29 Oct 14, 2010

    In conclusion, before people begin to criticize the deceased which is Beverly Burton, maybe you should reflect on the decision that Cheryl Bailey made by getting in her car while intoxicated and driving, to simply get a movie, per the previous comment.
    And correction C Bailey was not T-Boned, Beverly Burton was.

  • CherryDarling Oct 14, 2010

    wkg1wayne - Perhaps I was not clear in what I said or you did not read the article thoroughly enough... Ms. Burton was NOT speeding.

    You say "maybe she had a few beers and a low tolerance for alcohol." So, that makes it okay to drink and drive? Your very own words were - "she was charged with dwi, which is NOT ACCEPTABLE."

    As for your comment that, “she was only going to get a movie a couple miles up the road when she was t-boned.” Ms. Bailey was NOT the one t-boned… SHE t-boned Ms. Burton’s car.

    So… you can stop trying to make Ms. Bailey out to be a saint and a victim. The TRUE victim here is Ms. Burton, who lost her life.

  • nichell29 Oct 14, 2010

    Beverly A Burton, was a Christian woman as well, she was a loving, and giving, selfless woman who put the needs of others before her very own. She also, had a family and an abundance of friends who loved and cared for her deeply.
    To justify what C Bailey did by stating that “she had two beers”, in such a okay fashion, is ludicrous. The fact that SHE, C Bailey, made the judgment call to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated is preposterous. When C Bailey opened her car door and sat in the drivers seat and put that key the ignition, knowing that she had been drinking is in no way shape or form acceptable under any terms.
    To many times people loose sight of what is really important, which is a life that has been lost, and lost in such a horrible way. Know matter how much we pray we will never be able to see Beverly Burton's beautiful smile again,hear her voice, embrace her, and tell her how important she is to us all. But now all we have are memories..

  • wkg1wayne Oct 13, 2010

    Cheryl Bailey is a good christian woman,wife,mother and grandmother.She,s worked 3 jobs and ran a household for over 2 years.She had 2 beers and told the officer she had.She would not jeopardize herself or her daughter,she was only going to get a movie a couple miles up the road when she was t-boned.

  • wkg1wayne Oct 13, 2010

    Lets not forget who's at fault here,it's unfortunate the woman has died in this accident,but she was speeding and did run the stop sign.Sure she was charged with dwi,which is not acceptable, but maybe she had a few beers and a low tolerance for alcohol and barely blew the minimum and was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • CherryDarling Oct 11, 2010

    FYI - to all of you who are criticizing Ms. Burton... the article said NOTHING about her speeding... guess why not? Because she wasn't. It is believed a medical condition may have caused Ms. Burton to run the stop sign. Until the reports are in from UNC-CH, we (her family) won’t know… which means, ALL OF YOU also don’t know…

    REGARDLESS… it is a FACT that Ms. Bailey was intoxicated when the accident occurred.

    I realize WRAL does not have all the information needed to deliver the most accurate story to the public, but before you rush to on an incident you know nothing about and start laying blame, know ALL the facts…

  • airbornemonty Oct 11, 2010

    I couldn't agree with you more jarron4950.

    Too often people just scan an article because they're in a rush to pass judgement on things that haven't anything to do with the other. I guess it's called, WRAL's one second of fame.

  • makeitright Oct 11, 2010

    "Why aren't DUI drivers charged with homicide by motor vehicle while under the influence when someone dies in a collision they're a part of???"
    I'm right there with you on this one. If you are "involved" in a accident with injury or death while DUI, you should face the charges regardless of fault. Maybe that might make a few of these people that insist on driving DUI think twice. Although I think that even faced with 5 years of severe torture for DUI, these people would still feel they are above, or too good for the laws and their lawyers will fix anything they do.

  • NCSU2311 Oct 11, 2010

    Well folks, IT'S NOT OK TO BREAK A LAW - EVER!!!

    Really? Ever? Interesting......Poor Mrs. Parks

  • rescuefan Oct 11, 2010

    Imagine how different these comments would have been had the woman who was DWI had a hispanic surname.