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Raleigh woman charged after Wake County pursuit

Posted March 21, 2010
Updated March 22, 2010

— A woman led authorities on a chase Sunday afternoon that began in Zebulon, wound through Knightdale and ended on Interstate 540.

The chase began shortly after police were dispatched to a domestic dispute call at 604 Leads Place in Zebulon.

When officers arrived on the scene, a woman pulled out of the driveway. Police identified the woman as Tiffany Renee High, 29, of 911 Shellbrook Court Apt. 6 in Raleigh.

Officers attempted to stop her, but she continued west on N.C. Highway 97, authorities said. High continued to flee officers at approximately 55 mph west on Highway 64 Business to Knightdale Boulevard, police said.

As she entered Knightdale, a Knightdale officer deployed spike strips to deflate the tires of her vehicle. She then swerved to avoid the strips and attempted to hit the officer with her car, authorities said.

A second Knightdale officer deployed an additional set of spike strips deflating two tires on High's vehicle. With two tires deflated, she continued to flee, authorities said.

Wake County sheriffs deputies took over the pursuit as the vehicle traveled west on Knightdale Boulevard to I-540 West. High's vehicle struck a patrol car on I-540 before another patrol car forced her to a stop.

She was taken into custody and transported to Wake Medical Center for an evaluation.

High was charged with felony speeding to elude police and attempted assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer. Additional charges are likely from the Wake County Sheriff’s Office.


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  • ncmickey Mar 22, 2010

    Thank You fedupinNC. Exactly!!

  • ncmickey Mar 22, 2010

    Please tell me where I bashed a police officer?? Saying he needs driving school is bashing leos?? Grow some skin...

  • Paladin2 Mar 22, 2010

    ncmickey: "stupid move to run. But was it worth it to chase for a domestic situation??"
    Which crimes should LEO pursue the alleged perpetrator? Which crimes should LEO dispatchers advise callers that they can not attempt to pursue or investigate the alleged perpetrator?

  • Blueboxinggloves Mar 22, 2010

    Tarheel born - I don't think ncmickey has an issue with people disagreeing with their opinion, I think they have an issue with personal attacks like insinuating that they "don't have a clue". I could be wrong but that is how I see it.

  • oleguy Mar 22, 2010

    Should have shot her. End of story.

  • Tarheel born Mar 22, 2010

    mickey....I see I'm not the only one who takes issue with your "cop bashing".....and this is a public forum to speak our opinions and to disagree with other's opinions....."if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen".

  • rescuefan Mar 22, 2010

    "stupid move to run. But was it worth it to chase for a domestic situation??

    Yes, it was worth it. If they hadn't and it had turned out that she had killed someone, then people would be complaining that the cops should have done something to stop her. I don't get why the cops get bashed for doing their jobs. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

  • Glenn Miller Mar 22, 2010

    "But was it worth it to chase for a domestic situation??"

    Domestic Violence is a deadly, criminal act. There have been a lot of people killed in these "domestic situations" and the police are chastised for "doing nothing". When they do "do something", they are jumped on as well! Sheesh!!

  • ncmickey Mar 22, 2010

    Tarheel Born, why must you attack me personally when all I did was ask a question?? This isnt the only thread where you attack me for having an opinion.... You dont like my remarks, click the ignore button and you will never have to see them again. But your personal attacks are growing tiresome.

  • rhoda_penmark Mar 22, 2010

    Maybe they meant to report that the original domestic call came from 604 "LEEDS" Place, Zebulon. No need for accuracy here. What's the difference if they change a vowel or two?