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Raleigh votes to crack down on parking fines

Posted April 19, 2011

— The Raleigh City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to enact changes to parking rules to make up for a projected $1.4 million shortfall in the city's parking fund. 

The changes include taking money out of the tax refunds of people with parking tickets or fines of more than $50. The city said there are more than $2 million in uncollected parking fines.

The rules would also allow officials to place a boot on a person's vehicle, even if it is parked legally, if they run the license plate and find out it has outstanding tickets. 

Officials also said they plan to get approval from the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles to put holds on vehicle registrations of those who have unpaid parking tickets or fines. 

City officials said other options are also being explored. 

The city's parking budget is projected to fall more than $1.4 million short of its budget in the 2011-12 fiscal year, officials said. They blamed the weak economy, lower on-street parking revenue than expected and an increase in debt service payments.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 20, 2011

    @shoutntime, I hear ya. You *should* blame the gov’t for mishandling your parking fine. I mean, you proved that you paid that $5 parking fine...but those turkeys still put a tax block on you. Dang them. Then, you had to prove that you indeed paid your fine at least 3 whole minutes before the tax block deadline...see...here’s the receipt! Double dang them.

    I agree...the gov’t *should* pay you for your time and trouble. You’re an upstanding law-breaker who does not deserve to be troubled by the likes of them having to keep track of you to make you pay what you owe. ;-)

  • ccs1920 Apr 20, 2011

    whatelseisnew/ You apparently didn't give this story much thought before you typed your comment. Free 24/7 parking would be taken up by the thousands of downtown employees and you would have no place to park even if you wanted to.

  • shoutntime Apr 20, 2011

    I don't think it should be tied to Vehicle Registration. I few years ago I went to renew my tags and was told I had a tax block. I went home grabbed my receipt and showed the DMV rep my receipt where it was paid on time. She said I had to go to the revenue dept. I went there, they saw the mistake and corrected it but would not pay for my parking. So for the Counties mistake I had to miss a half of day of work to do something that should have taken 30 minutes, pay a parking fee so I could park my car, burn up a few gallons of gas with all the run around. All this to get a mistake they made fixed. How I figure it, Wake County should reimburse me for the following:
    $125 for 4 hours of missed work
    $12 for Gass
    $3 for parking
    Did I get to claim the $140 off my Wake County Taxes, HECK NO!

  • whatelseisnew Apr 20, 2011

    "Parking Wars Raleigh edition! LOL!! Other cities boot peoples cars if they owe alot in parking tickets and I don't blame the city for wanting to do the same."

    And because of that kind of thinking cities needlessly apply this additional tax.

  • whatelseisnew Apr 20, 2011

    Should not be any fines in the first place. You want me to come to Raleigh and spend time and money, parking needs to be Free 24/7.

  • Fun Apr 20, 2011

    The fines should be paid by the violators- But the whole Raleigh parking plays against downtown redevelopment. It's hard to make the case to go downtown, when the redevelopment is mostly just bars anyway. Everywhere else in the city parking is free- going downtown is not worth a premium to free- basic economics. But consider the "Meeker-Think" you go against voters will- you build a convention center they rejected on a ballot- because you knew better than the voters. He spent $17,000 per parking space in his new parking deck. I guess you have do something to try to pay the bill-

  • Humungous Apr 20, 2011

    It's laughable this is considered news-worthy. What's even more laughable at the number of cars "roosting" around all coty, county and state government buildings downtown. What I do admire is our government employs so many handicapped persons. This has got to be a world record. Nearly every car has a big blue tag hanging from the vanity mirror. What's puzzling is that I've never seen the owners of these roosters in wheelchairs, walkers or on crutches.

    Great job on the EEOC efforts!

  • airbornegirl16 Apr 20, 2011

    Parking Wars Raleigh edition! LOL!! Other cities boot peoples cars if they owe alot in parking tickets and I don't blame the city for wanting to do the same.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 20, 2011

    @starglow, what does it feel like to "always feel like the city has their hands in [your] pockets"? Does it tickle?

    That seems like a weird (paranoid?) thing to say.

    Hmmm...how many parking tickets have you gotten there?

  • starglow2005 Apr 20, 2011

    I avoid going to downtown Raleigh at all costs... the only exception being jury duty when called to serve. I never feel welcome in downtown Raleigh because parking is a hassle and I always feel like the city has their hands in my pockets as if I was being robbed for going downtown. No thanks.... I'll spend my money at businesses outside of downtown Raleigh.