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Raleigh voters OK roads bond

Posted October 8, 2013

Raleigh traffic generic

— Voters spoke with their wheels Tuesday, passing a $75 million bond issue that will help widen and upgrade more than a dozen Raleigh streets in the coming years.

With all but two of the city's 109 precincts reporting, the bond won by a margin of 70 percent to 30 percent, according to unofficial results.

The roadway improvements include widening Buck Jones, Mitchell Mill, Sandy Forks, Pleasant Valley, Tryon, Old Wake Forest, Rock Quarry, Blue Ridge and Poole roads. Also, improvements to Hillsborough Street, Six Forks Road, New Hope Church Road, Blount and Person streets downtown and New Bern Avenue.

Sidewalk upgrades and some traffic-calming projects also are part of the bond.

The bond will raise local property tax rates by 1.12 cents per $100 of valuation, adding about $16 to the annual tax bill for the owner of a $150,000.


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  • IndependentAmerican Oct 10, 2013

    "the condition of Sandy Forks Road between Six Forks Road and Falls of the Neuse Road is practically criminal"

    And yet those that prioritize road maintenance saw fit to repave Hammond road earlier this year. The road they paved over was in really good condition... wasted money here that could have fixed Sandy Fork six months ago without the tax increase.

  • IndependentAmerican Oct 10, 2013

    MikeH re: your post yesterday about your dog... LOL, my sentiments exactly except I don't own a dog.

  • Inside The Beltline Oct 9, 2013

    "Time to move just outside the Wake County line." -Bartmeister

    Buh Bye! You'll likely get a good price on your home since this place is a great place to live and the residents who voted yes want to keep it that way.

  • Bartmeister Oct 9, 2013

    Time to move just outside the Wake County line.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 9, 2013

    Here is an idea, stay away from Sandy Fork.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 9, 2013

    "Wake can't afford the upkeep on the roads it has and already has to turn to the state for funds. How is this going to help?"

    The State is actually responsible for construction and maintenance of roads not the county or cities. My guess is the same foolish people that voted this bond in also pushed the school bond over the top. Guess they like being buried in Government debt.

  • Barely Oct 9, 2013

    Wake can't afford the upkeep on the roads it has and already has to turn to the state for funds. How is this going to help?

  • 68_dodge_polara Oct 9, 2013

    "More roads equals even more traffic. Look how 540 changed North Raleigh, not for the better."

    Well only sort of, if there are jobs they will just live else where in the vicinity. Living in far north Durham they have successfully curbed development by limiting access with only two roads that come out of Durham, Roxboro Rd and Guess rd. Yes, one does have to learn to successfully navigate the routes available and still spend more time than what would be necessary but the rural land scape once to one's destination is worth it. If they build a highway running north to south in Durham areas like North Durham would grow, having already living there it's kind of selfish but no thanks.

  • Honesty first Oct 9, 2013

    I have been calling the City of Raleigh for over 5 years about the problems on Sandy Forks. I was told it was a NC State road and not a city street. Recently when I called, I was told that the State of NC has turned the street over to Raleigh. If a developer wants to turn a street over to Raleigh, it must meet Raleigh standards to be accepted. Why is the State of NC allowed to DUMP an unsafe street on the taxpayers of Raleigh. Normally, the city will do the repairs for the state and then bill the state for the work. The wonderful State of NC had stated that they would not pay Raleigh to correct this mess. Who is responsible for this mess? The Sttae for lack of maintenance or Raleigh for accepting this horribly maintained road. Please Nancy, now that you have 2 more years please tell us why we are correcting this.

  • tuckerbrian54 Oct 9, 2013

    Just what we needed, 2 $ bonds passed = a rise in our taxes = sell and get out while the market is still there. What has happened to all these newbies moving here and there property taxes ? Where is that money or where does that money go ?