Raleigh toddler seriously injured in dog attack

Posted November 27, 2015

— A 21-month-old boy visiting family friends in Raleigh was seriously injured Friday morning when he was attacked by two dogs, police said.

According to the official police report, the child managed to get away from adults into the back yard, where two dogs – one belonging to his parents and one belonging to his hosts – were being kept.

A neighbor told WRAL News that he heard screaming coming from the home at 2312 Euston St., then saw EMTs take the child from the house wrapped in a blanket.

"I never saw the baby," Robert Cotton said. "They were screaming, crying. Finally EMS arrived, and the man came out of the house with a blue blanket and handed it to them. I just figured the dog had got to the baby."

Police said the boy was initially taken to WakeMed, but was transferred to UNC Hospitals. His injuries were described as life-threatening.

Animal Control officers removed three dogs from the home, but authorities said they did not expect to file any charges against the dog owners. Police said they expect the dogs will be euthanized.

"I didn't even know they had dogs," Cotton said.


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  • Joseph Mallard Nov 29, 2015
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    A sheltie? Well golly gee wiz Mr. Wilson. That is one of the most ferocious doggg, ggg, HAHAHAHA. I couldn't even finish that. Go take your harry animal back and do the 100 brush strokes a day, before that, well whatever it is, gets mad and makes dukie on the carpet. A sheltie? Seriously dude? That's like me saying that I am sending my gerbil, to beat up your baboon. A sheltie. Thank you though dude, I really needed a good laugh and you provided. God bless you, and your ferocious sheltie.

  • King Mopar Nov 28, 2015
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    I wasn't really hurt, just a few rake marks with little blood, but it could have been far worse. Once this happened, she realized what she had done and cowered in the corner of a room. My Dad scolded me for what I done, it really was my fault. Never startle a sleeping dog he would say. Our most devoted pet, almost became an accident, mainly on my part, but here...we are talking about an infant, which our Boxer watched over me as an infant, as well as my older sister. You would have to kill her, to get to either of us. She was that devoted, but they are still animals and don't have human reasoning. Close, but for some, no cigar. I have a Boxer now, who is my best friend, next to my wife, who he now helps protect. I'm sorry for the child, it is a hurtful event and hope they recover--but, you can't always blame the dog.

  • King Mopar Nov 28, 2015
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    I was raised with a Boxer, Dad sent to obedience school when just a pup. I know it's not the same breed, but they are about the same size as a Pit, with as much jaw strength(were used for bull baiting as well as guard/military work). Dutchess, our Boxer would walk with me to kindergarten every morning, make sure I was inside and playing, then leave for home. She would come every day at recess(we lived about next door) and play with all the kids. On one morning she prevented an attack on me walking to kindergarten, as a large Collie went to attack me. She stopped him cold at the neck, and only after I yelled at her, did she release the Collie and he went back to his owner who was watching the whole time. Best dog, we ever had. One time, while Dutchess was sleeping, I jumped down off the stairs with one of those rubber Tarzan knives, with the metal scabbard that they had in the old days, and jabbed her in the stomach. She reacted, as she raked her teeth across my skull.

  • Joseph Mallard Nov 28, 2015
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    "Redirected aggression?" Aren't you cute.

  • Tom Laurence Nov 28, 2015
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    Thank you, Bill, for stating the obvious. Don't blame the dogs, or their owners..... If you do NOT watch a toddler.....any dog may bite for unknown reasons. I'm a responsible dog owner, and always am aware of my dog's surroundings - including children and adults. Most importantly - hope the baby improves quickly.

  • Colin Burch III Nov 28, 2015
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    Rottweilers and Pitt bulls and children do not mix well. Their behavior is unpredictable. Children are not aware of the danger and can inadvertently do things to antagonize dogs, really any dog, resulting in mauling or death. Be wary when visiting someone with dogs, especially Rottweilers or Pitt bulls, keep children separated. It is sad that some dog owners can not recognize the danger of certain breeds and have their egos wrapped up in controlling a dangerous dog to the detriment of society. This child's injury was preventable if the dog owner had accepted the reality of the danger and the parent's had also recognized the danger. Dog owners need to recognize that a majority of the population does not share their love for dogs and should not assume they can inflict their pets on other people. In the case of Rottweilers and Pitt bulls the dogs should be kept separated and fully contained at all times.

  • bigwilliejohnson4phun Nov 28, 2015

    Irresponsible dog owners are barbarians that cannot communicate at an intellectual leve with other human beings. There are certain breeds that are mavelolent. That is why rental property owners will not rent to "people," with certain breeds. People that own these types of animals have self esteem issues, an dhope to portray power by the type of breed they own.

  • Susan Olvera Nov 28, 2015
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    The comments here are unbelievable.

    "I'm sorry the child was injured, but..."

    Then, no - you're not.

    Sometimes horrific accidents happen despite the best intent of the parents. They are called accidents. I used to be a full-time volunteer animal rescuer and was on the board of a 501c3 rescue and it's unreal how many people in this group don't like children, think they're experts on raising them, and will always condemn the human over the dog when it comes to a bite. I AM a seasoned animal rescuer and I HAVE been attacked and bitten by a dog in a case of redirected aggression. Another dog entered our back porch and the dog I was fostering wanted to kill it and instead turned his aggression on me. If I had been a toddler, I would have ended up in an ambulance. It takes 1 second for a dog to maim a child. My heart aches for these parents, the last thing they need is judgement, but everyone's an internet judge, right?

  • Leslie Klatt Nov 28, 2015
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    I have a sheltie who has never acted aggressively and I would still not leave any of my nieces and nephews alone with him because if they were to scare him he may defend himself. Toddlers do not know better when it comes to treating animals properly. Very sad situation. Hope the little boy recovers !!

  • Bill Stoudenmire Nov 28, 2015
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    How does a child "manage to get away" from the parents? How about this. We remove the child from the custody of the parents since they can't seem to manage a toddler. Save the dogs.