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Raleigh to stop truck-side sorting of recyclables

Posted December 29, 2008

— The city's recycling processor will begin to accept all recycling materials commingled, beginning Friday, officials said.

Crews will no longer sort glass, paper and aluminum as items are loaded onto the trucks, officials said.

"It’s a great savings in time, efficiency, injuries and money for the city," said Linda Leighton, waste reduction specialist for Raleigh. "Just put all your materials in the recycling bin. Our crews can just toss it all in the truck together. All sorting will be done at the recycling facility."

The city has been switching out regular garbage trucks for specialized recycling trucks during the last couple of years, Leighton said. The trucks offer more capacity and the ability to compact recyclable materials and can be used on garbage or yard waste routes as needed, she said.


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  • keeprightexcepttopass Dec 30, 2008

    I have always sorted mine the best I could so I'm glad I can just toss them in hap-hazardly now. Also glad to get the info that they are now using regular garbage trucks. A few weeks ago I saw what I thought was a garbage truck and they were dumping everyone's recyclables in. My first thought was that they were running behind schedule and said the heck with it and was just dumping the recyclables in the regular garbage. Glad to know that's not the case!

  • Fun Dec 30, 2008

    A better idea...Mr. Meeker are you listening?


  • mjjunk Dec 30, 2008

    When it comes to recycling, cities have incentive to continue the programs because otherwise they will have to pay for it later in acquiring/constructing new landfills - which are public relations nightmares. Talk about your constituents getting mad! No one wants to have a huge waste pile next to their house. If you ask me, they should poll recycling compliance, and those that recycle the least get the next landfill in their neighborhood!

  • Kilroy Dec 29, 2008

    I have always put all my recycle items in the same green recycle bin, no sorting here. If they want us to recycle, then they take anyway they can get it. I know the city my Mother lives in stopped curbside recycling about 1 years ago....was costing the city too much. Now everything goes in the trash can.

  • craziecrafter Dec 29, 2008

    Garner has been doing this for years. They dump it all together on the truck.

  • Scubagirl Dec 29, 2008

    I've always separated mine before putting it out. Guess I don't have to do that any longer. From what I've been reading elsewhere I just hope Raleigh KEEPS it's curbside recycle program!

  • Pineview Style Dec 29, 2008

    Shouldn't this have been the case all along?