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Raleigh to spend $9M on Hillsborough Street traffic circles

Posted March 18, 2009

— The City Council on Tuesday approved spending $9 million to install roundabouts on Hillsborough Street between Oberlin Road and Gardner Street.

North Carolina State University also contributed money to the project. The N.C. State campus runs along Hillsborough Street for the entire stretch.

Local voters approved the roundabouts four years ago as part of a $60 million bond referendum for road improvements. The City Council has debated the details of the project ever since.

The traffic circles are seen as a way to make Hillsborough Street more pedestrian-friendly and to revitalize the area for businesses.

Councilman Philip Isley opposed the effort Tuesday, saying there are better uses for the money in the current economic environment.

"In my estimation, this is a low-hanging fruit for us to grab and determine a way to forestall any water increase or plug holes in our budget," Isley said. "I want to make a substitute motion to furlough this project for 18 months."

The motion was defeated and the council went on to approve the project.


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  • geosol Mar 18, 2009

    Phil Isley for dog catcher! Maybe his "bold ideas" for negative progress will find real traction there.

  • coolwill Mar 18, 2009

    Philip Isley for mayor; and unemployment for all of the city council including the city manager.

  • 11of10j Mar 18, 2009

    With ideas like this, no wonder we have a budget crisis.

  • dsdaughtry Mar 18, 2009

    9 million dollars for traffic circles!?!?! there are glory holes on Hargett Street for only a dollar..perhaps the mayor should check those out.

  • itsnews2me Mar 18, 2009

    Will it go 'round in circles? Will go high like a bird up in the sky?

  • speedy Mar 18, 2009

    Hey, but think how much faster all the newly unemployed can get to the unemployment office!

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Mar 18, 2009

    htomc42......I'll tell you why. The Beauracracy that you have to go through to get things done. It's absolutely amazing!!! and guess what bigger government does to this process??? YEP, you guessed it, it slows it down, and makes it cost more!

  • Squidbert Mar 18, 2009

    Hillsborough St is already pedestrian-friendly; they use these things called "crosswalks" that are located at "intersections" that are controlled by "traffic lights". There are at least 4 crosswalks on that stretch of Hillsborough St. If you put in circles, then you take away the traffic lights so that traffic is continually moving. Could someone please explain to me how a moving car (traffic circles) is more pedestrian-friendly than a stopped car (traffic light)? Oh, I now I understand: the gridlock caused by the traffic circles will make it pedestrian-friendly because ALL of the cars will be stopped.

  • LocalYokel Mar 18, 2009

    This sounds like a good investment - infrastructure. When does it start and when will it be complete? Will there be a bike lane so that can ride from Meridith College to downtown?

  • patrick85ed Mar 18, 2009

    We cannot get people to pay attention when they are driving down regular streets, if these things are actually built especially with the lack of right-of-way between the University and the private properties along the streets, pedestrians will be killed.